Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well since I have been having issues with my heart
and complaining to the dr. about my fatigue he decided
to send me for a sleep study. I have been reading about
how people with heart arrythmias like mine are susceptible
to all sorts of other disorders and sleep apnea is one of them.
I first met with the dr. doing the sleep study and he
talked with me and told me what to expect when I
came back to stay all night for the sleep study.
I made my appt. for my fun filled sleep over.
Before I had to go I had to fill out this long questionaire
about my sleep habits and had to chart a week of my
sleep pattern showing all the times I wake up in the night.

I arrived at the sleep center at 9:30 at night with my pillows
and my overnight bag packed. I was a little anxious about
sleeping in a strange place and bed. They finally called me
back to my room and I had to change into my pj's and get
comfy in a chair for the hour long hook up with all the
wires and straps. I felt like Hannibal Lector in the movie
Silence of the Lambs.
I asked them how in the world am I suppose to sleep with
all these wires hooked to me and it was hard to get comfy
in the bed. They had me take an ambien sleep pill to help
me get to sleep. Now I am not one that likes to take sleeping
pills and especially ambien because I have heard stories
from people how they did weird things in their sleep when
they take it. I told the nurse that if I start doing funny things
in my sleep like say maybe dancing around the room then
I hope they would wake me up or something instead of
just sitting there laughing at me. She assured me I would
be ok and just relax and go to sleep. I was still thinking
about how hard it will be to sleep with all these wires
attached and also having someone watch you sleep
all night that is kinda creepy.
I finally got to sleep and before I knew it they were waking
me up saying I did good. They finally unhooked me which
took almost as long as hooking you up. I had alot of sticky
goop in my hair where they stuck electrodes in my scalp
to monitor the brain waves while you sleep. I wonder if
they could see what I was dreaming LOL?
I was thankful they did let you shower there to wash the
goop out of your hair. I asked them if I did anything
strange in my sleep from the sleeping pill and she said
no I slept good.

I had to wait a week for the results and the dr. called
me and said I had a mild case of sleep apnea which
he said that I stop breathing about 10 times an hour
briefly and I wake myself up about 15 times an hour.
He said since I have heart issues that I would need
to wear a cpap breathing machine at night to help me
to sleep better. I was assured that by using this machine
I will feel so much better during the day and not be so
fatigued. We shall see about that.

I had to return to the sleep center again last week and
be monitored while I slept with the cpap machine. So
now I will have trouble sleeping there with being
hooked up to all the wires and also hooked up to
this breathing machine with a face mask which is hard
for me since I am claustrophobic and being watched again.
I had to take another sleeping pill so I could fall asleep and
it was hard getting used to all that air being forced in my
nose all night. They assured me I would get used to it
when I sleep at home with it. I am now waiting for the
medical supply place to deliver it to me. Hmm I wonder
if those face masks come in pink or purple LOL? might
as well add some color to my night look.

We found out that they will be sending Bobby soon for
a sleep study and I know that he definately will need
to have one of those cpap machines to sleep so we
will be a sight at night with both of us hooked up with
breathing masks on our face. I think we might just
scare the dog.

Here are a few pics of me at the sleep center.
me waiting to go to my room.
starting to get sleepy waiting.
all hooked up and ready for bed.
I didn't get a pic with my cpap mask on but when I
start using one at home I will take a pic of that.
I hope that it will make me feel some better during the day.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well as alot of my running buddies know that after my OKC half marathon
I passed out at the restaurant some of us were eating at in OKC.
One minute I was sitting at the table finishing up my meal then
suddenly getting consumed with hot flashes (yes I am getting old)
and lightheadedness so I got up to go to Sandra's car to turn on
the A.C. to cool off but before I made it to the door I blacked out
and the next thing I knew I was waking up with people standing over me
and asking if I was ok. I told them I was alright and that I just had ran
a half marathon and was probably still tired from that. They did call an
ambulance for me and they went to find Bobby and tell him what had
happened. Fortunately Dana (Ken's wife who is a nurse) took charge
and started making me drink lots of water thinking I may be dehydrated.
When the ambulance came they checked my BP and did an EKG on me
since I told them I have atrial fib. Everything checked out ok and they
asked me if I wanted to go to the ER anyways to be further checked out
but stubborn me refused saying I was ok. Dana told Bobby to keep making
me drink on the ride back home. Bobby doesn't make a good nurse, so
I wasn't expecting much from him on the way home. I slept alot which
might not have been a good idea since they told me I hit my chin and chest
pretty hard on a wooden desk as I fell. I tried to have some sympathy for
Bobby as well on the way home since he was sore from his long marathon.
Since this all happened a week ago I have been dizzy, nauseated, bouts of
weakness, headache and just not feeling good. I am bruised on my chest
where I hit it when I fell and it is very sore with any kind of movement
or pressure from laying down.
I decided that I should go to the dr. to get checked out and see what was
going on still with me. I went and my dr. is a little puzzled as to what
might have happened. He is running blood tests and hopefully it will
tell him something.
He suggested I go back to my heart dr. to see if something is going on
with my atrial fib. He said I possibly could be going in and out of afib
quickly and if that is the case it won't show up on EKG unless they catch
it at the right time.
He told me to rest and take it easy and not drive until my dizziness
gets better. He also told me to eat soup and drink lots of fluids just
in case I am still a little dehydrated which he is checking that in the blood
tests as well. He also got onto me for not going to the ER when it happened.
So once again I am sidelined from running. I probably won't be at any
of the group meetings for awhile until I get over this dizziness but I will
be thinking of everyone and cheering you all on from the sidelines of
my couch. I will recoop and hit the path running as soon as I can. I will
take a break from running long distances when I return but watch out
for me doing the 5K's. Someone should start a 5K maniac club because
I am thinking this might be my cup of tea with my health. Now hopefully
this won't put any hitches in my trip to Greece.
See you soon.