Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Some of my Runnerworld peeps were heading on an adventure
to Albuquerque and Colorado springs to do back to back
marathons and half marathons which I think they are crazy
but I do admire them for it. Bobby & I really wanted to go
with them but declined because it was alot of driving and
alot of stuff crammed into such a short labor day holiday

Ken & Dana left earlier in the week to go to Colorado to visit
some friends before they headed to Albuquerque to meet
up with those flying into the airport there. Lisa & Jason
left early also on Friday to go to Taos first to do some
whitewater rafting before they came to Albuquerque.
Friday morning my brother Russell called me and told
me that him and Christin had decided to drive to Albuquerque
to cheer everyone on and my brother had decided to do the
half marathon. Well I jumped on that bandwagon and said
wouldn't it be fun to just show up and surprise everyone
because they aren't expecting us even though they kept
trying to talk us into it. I called Bobby and asked him
if he wanted to go for an adventure and cram a trip into
a 3 day weekend and he said oh why not. So my brother
and I headed for Runnersworld so he could get him some
new shoes and we decided to let Kathy & Brian in on our
secret and swore them to secrecy.

We loaded up my brothers jeep and away we went at
8 p.m. friday night and Christin drove all the way until
we hit the New Mexico border and my brother took over
driving.We arrived with no sleep even though Bobby & I
snoozed just a little in the back seat but we arrived safely
there around 6:30 Saturday morning. WE had time to kill
since no one else would be there until about 1:30 that afternoon.
WE were so tired and tried to check into our hotel where
everyone was staying but our rooms was not ready so so
much for getting a little shut eye until everyone arrived.
We decided to go to Sandia Peak with elevation of
over 10,000 feet but it is so gorgeous up there and
breathtaking views you have to see it if you ever go there.
WE trekked the trails there for several hours and Ken &
Brian and everyone else would really love running on some
of these trails.

WE finally got to check into our hotel room about noon
just time enough to wash our faces and revive before
time to go to airport to surprise Sandra, Ken & Dana.
WE found our way to the airport and got there in time
to hide out and surprise them all. The looks on their
faces were priceless.

We went to the expo where Christin and myself decided
to sign up for the 5K since I haven't been running much
since April and my heart dr. wants me to take it easy for
awhile I just did the 5K to get ready for my 5K in Greece.
WE all had fun hanging out at dinner that night before our
race the next day.

Lisa & Jason finally made it in later that evening and I
texted Lisa and told her I would see her at the finish line.
She was shocked that we showed up to do this race since
we told her we couldn't go.

The morning of the race the marathoners had to leave earlier
to catch their bus to the start line so I didn't get to see them off.
Bobby, Russell, Christin, Sandra & myself got to where we were
to meet the busses that drops us off at our start point. Bobby,
Russ & Sandra left first and Christin & I had an hour to kill
before our bus left so we sat at the starbucks and enjoyed
some yummy drinks while we waited. Finally we got to load
up on the bus and we were dropped off and I kept thinking that
the bus ride seemed longer than the 3 miles we were to run.
I prayed he wasn't taking us to the half marathon start line.
WE finally got started on our race and it was a nice straight flat course
which I loved, no hills yeah! We finished in 48 minutes which is good
for me since like I said I haven't been running much at all since April.
We got to then watch everyone else come in and cheer them on.
Russell PR'd in his half marathon with 2 hours 14 minute finish.
Way to go Russ! Brian came in next with a strong finish.
Bobby & Sandra came in next doing an awesome job.
Bobby told Sandra he was there to run with her and to make sure
she kept on going. They had an awesome finish.
Rachel Mitchell (London as everyone calls her)came in doing her
first marathon in 4 hours which is so awesome! Patty Powell came
in then Coach Kathy made it in with a strong finish and doing good
for not having ran much since her injury Way to go! Then there
was Jason who came in shirtless so if you see him ask him what
happened to his shirt LOL.
Lisa was next followed by Ken then Kathy Fleig they too did an
awesome job. Kathy Fleig was injured so she had to power walk
most of it and was hurting by the time she finished but kudos
to her for making it all the way.
We all were pretty tired after that so we went back to our
rooms to freshen up and rest a bit before heading to applebees
to eat our hearts out since we were all starving after our run.
Then it was time to bid farewell to everyone that was leaving us
behind to head to Colorado Springs to do their next race the
next day. It was hard to see them go without us tagging along
but we couldn't go on that trip because Bobby, Russ & Christin
had to go back to work on Tuesday. I think everyone thought
we would show up and surprise them there as well but sorry
guys we couldn't.
So after they all left we headed into old town to do some shopping.
I just love old town Albuquerque it is so neat and filled with
lots of shopping and this old church which is awesome
to see the inside of. We were so tired by the time
we were done with that we headed to our room to
get some sleep since we had to get up and try to be on the
road toward home by 4 in the morning. WE made it up in time to
head out early and my brother drove us all the way home 11 hours
maybe 12 hours before we pulled into our driveway. Thanks Russ
& Christin for letting us hitch a ride and join in on your anniversary getaway.
Happy Anniversary to you both for 5 years of wedded bliss.

I can now say I traveled to another state like some of my
other crazy running buds do to run a race now I am ready
for my adventure to Greece then who knows hopefully I
will be going to Scotland in May with them also.
I am so glad I got to go on this trip even though I am
tired but it was all worth it :)

Where we all stayed at in Albuquerque.

Looking out on the peak you can see the city
of Albuquerque which is so tiny looking
from that far up.

Yes I think we trekked the whole 10K.

Bobby & I standing on one of the peaks.
Good thing he was being nice I might
have knocked him off J/K LOL.
Russell & Christin the happy anniversary couple.
The surprised look on Ken & Dana's face as
we snucked up on them at the airport.
Sandra looking really shocked to see us.
Our Runnersworld family after we all finished
the race. We are such a goofy fun loving bunch.
I loved this huge pot. Boy do I need to go on
that diet.
We found out what Ken does in his spare time.
He runs a Kraft store in old town Albuquerque.
Hmm wonder what kind of Krafts he sells.
For those of you on facebook please be sure and
check out my video I posted of our Albuquerque
Marathon. I couldn't get it to load on here for some

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well back by popular demand I am finally posting
on my blog again. Are you happy now Trail Zombie?
My life has been in turmoil since after April when I did
probably my last half marathon which is hard to say :(
After my half marathon I know alot of you know that
I passed out probably from dehydration plus overworked
my heart from the heat. I kept having issues from that
for quite sometime and my heart dr. wasn't being too helpful
and I kept pushing him for answers until finally he sent
me to a heart dr. that specializes in the electric part of your heart.
He really listened to me and knew exactly what I was talking about
and told me that I was on the wrong kind of meds for what I had.
I had been telling my other heart dr. that I thought my meds weren't
working for me and he kept looking at me like I was crazy so HAH! on him.
My new dr. changed my meds and they aren't as strong and seem to be
working for me.
Also while this is going on I have been having other health issues going on.
I have had to go to so many dr.'s in the past several months it is crazy.
I had started having anxiety and panic issues which started after I passed
out in OKC. I was starting to panic everytime I went out in fear of passing
out again. I also have been dealing with the health of my parents. My dad
is now bedfast and me and my siblings have been taking turns helping my
mom take care of him and my mom has been dealing with health issues
herself she has been in the hospital off and on with congestive heart
failure. My dad is now in a nursing home for the time being until my mom
regains her health and strength to have him home again. So in turn
dealing with that as well was putting more stress and anxiety on me too.
My family dr. as well as my heart dr. thought it was in the best interest
of my health to put me on meds to control my anxiety and panic issues.
they have definately helped.

I also am dealing with the old lady issues. you know hot flashes,
moodiness, and all the other stuff that goes along with menopause.
The hot flashes were causing problems I found out with my heart
and was partly to blame for my fainting spells. So now I am on
hormone meds for that which has helped as well. I also had to have
yet another sinus surgery for the third time. I don't know why
my sinus keeps plugging up and my dr doesn't know why either.
I still have sinus problems even after surgery but least I'm not
plugged up. I am dizzy alot but I don't know if it is from my sinuses
or the crazy meds I am on or combo of both but I don't drive anymore
because of this. I hope soon I will be able to drive again. I don't know
what I would do if I didn't have my good friend Sandra to take me
to all of my dr. appt's. I will never be able to repay her what I owe
her but she is very appreciated by me. I can't even begin to express
how much her friendship means to me and how much it has meant
to me that she was my sounding board and let me vent to her
whenever I needed too. I also want to thank my good friends
Ken & Dana who's kind and encouraging words meant so much
to me and are my inspiration to never give up. I am truly
blessed to have so many friends that always asked about me
which meant alot to me.

The title of my post is I feel like a beached whale which is truly
what I feel like these days. My new meds that I am on which the dr's
all told me that they will make me gain weight. I have definately
done that and fast. I am struggling now to lose the weight which
makes it hard when the meds make you gain so I feel like a blimp
now and since I am on limited exercise it makes it even harder.
I think I need to just wire my mouth shut. I am sure Bobby would
like that ha ha.
I am feeling very unattractive right now even though I wasn't
attractive to begin with ha ha. I am just thankful that Bobby loves
me for who I am not how I look. Maybe eventually I will lose some
weight and feel good about myself again I hope.

I am finally able to be out with all my running friends again which
I am loving. I really enjoy seeing everyone again and socializing.
I am back slowly walking with just a little running mixed in. I am
sticking to doing just about 3 miles for now until my dr. says I can
do more which he doubts that will happen but least it is something.
I am slowly biking again which I enjoy doing. So I hope now with me
being a little active again it will help me lose back the weight I gained.

I am so looking forward to my trip to Greece in November and I think
I am going to sign up for the 5K race. I might as well do it so I can say
I ran a race in another country. A few months ago I was saying I didn't
know if I could make the trip or not because of how I was feeling but
thanks to the meds it has helped put my life back in order and I know
Bobby has seen the change in me and has made comments about it.

This last Saturday I even enjoyed volunteering at the mud run.
I had fun seeing everyone having fun getting muddy which
I am such a girly girl I don't like getting dirty but I did manage
to get my hands dirty from having to touch all the muddy
race numbers having to punch their tag when they got beers.
Yeah me!

here is a video I took with my new Flip Ultra HD video camera.
I just love this little video camera which is the size of a camera
and it takes good quality video. It is so easy to use even my
mother in-law could work it ha.
this video is of the mud run.
It is about 7 minutes long so I hope you have time to watch it.

Hope everyone has a blessed week.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Last weekend we went to watch all those running in
the Barkley bookfair at Turkey Mountain. Kudos to Ken
and Brian for a great job on putting it together.
I enjoyed myself but only stayed for the day run.
Bobby told me he wasn't going to stay late just long
enough to watch the night runners take off. Thanks to
Sandra for taking me home. I thought I would stay up and wait
for Bobby since he wasn't going to be late and plus I had
the housekeys so he wouldn't be able to get in the house
when he got home. I waited and waited and still no Bobby.
11:00 came around so I thought I would doze on the couch because
he surely will be home soon. Who am I kidding I should know better when
Bobby hangs around all his running buds he gets sucked up into all
the hoopla and ends up staying longer than planned, which I don't
mind. I woke up at midnight and still no Bobby and then dozed again
and woke up again at 1 and guess what no Bobby still. I dozed again
and woke up at 2 and still no Bobby! I was getting a little perturbed
by now and wondering if A) should I send out a search party for him
B) Call someone because I couldn't call him because he forgot his phone
at home or C) just lock the darn door and go to bed and forget about him
and let him figure out how he was going to get into the house.
Finally at 2:30 he comes dragging in. I did jump onto him for being so late
and not call me atleast to let me know what he was doing. He preceeded
to tell me he couldn't call because he didn't have his phone. I said that
was hogwash because someone I know has a phone he could have used.
Like I said I don't mind him hanging around having fun with his buds
but just be considerate enough to let me know what is going on.
(ok Ken & Ed did my B**ch meter just go up from 15% to 45% LOL?)

Bobby has now started on Tuesdays run follow once again his buds
to Turkey Mountain to do trail running instead of going out on
the regular path run. Last Tuesday night he came home all dirty
from running the trails that they ran in the Barkley bookfair.
I told him he better not have brought any of Ken's buddies
home with him since Ken's tick meter is going up already
from Turkey mountain. I had him to hurry and clean up after he got home.
Well this morning when I was in the shower I discovered
one of those friends of Ken's lodged in a place which shall
remain undisclosed. I flipped out and did get it finally
out and flushed it down the drain. I haven't had
ticks on me in a long time so I was not a happy camper.
I called Bobby and told him thanks alot and said
it was all his fault for bringing it home with him from the mountain.
So that my friends is why I am banning my hubby from Turkey mountain.
I know he won't listen to me and that's ok he can just sleep
over at Ken's house the next time he runs on Turkey LOL.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well since I have been having issues with my heart
and complaining to the dr. about my fatigue he decided
to send me for a sleep study. I have been reading about
how people with heart arrythmias like mine are susceptible
to all sorts of other disorders and sleep apnea is one of them.
I first met with the dr. doing the sleep study and he
talked with me and told me what to expect when I
came back to stay all night for the sleep study.
I made my appt. for my fun filled sleep over.
Before I had to go I had to fill out this long questionaire
about my sleep habits and had to chart a week of my
sleep pattern showing all the times I wake up in the night.

I arrived at the sleep center at 9:30 at night with my pillows
and my overnight bag packed. I was a little anxious about
sleeping in a strange place and bed. They finally called me
back to my room and I had to change into my pj's and get
comfy in a chair for the hour long hook up with all the
wires and straps. I felt like Hannibal Lector in the movie
Silence of the Lambs.
I asked them how in the world am I suppose to sleep with
all these wires hooked to me and it was hard to get comfy
in the bed. They had me take an ambien sleep pill to help
me get to sleep. Now I am not one that likes to take sleeping
pills and especially ambien because I have heard stories
from people how they did weird things in their sleep when
they take it. I told the nurse that if I start doing funny things
in my sleep like say maybe dancing around the room then
I hope they would wake me up or something instead of
just sitting there laughing at me. She assured me I would
be ok and just relax and go to sleep. I was still thinking
about how hard it will be to sleep with all these wires
attached and also having someone watch you sleep
all night that is kinda creepy.
I finally got to sleep and before I knew it they were waking
me up saying I did good. They finally unhooked me which
took almost as long as hooking you up. I had alot of sticky
goop in my hair where they stuck electrodes in my scalp
to monitor the brain waves while you sleep. I wonder if
they could see what I was dreaming LOL?
I was thankful they did let you shower there to wash the
goop out of your hair. I asked them if I did anything
strange in my sleep from the sleeping pill and she said
no I slept good.

I had to wait a week for the results and the dr. called
me and said I had a mild case of sleep apnea which
he said that I stop breathing about 10 times an hour
briefly and I wake myself up about 15 times an hour.
He said since I have heart issues that I would need
to wear a cpap breathing machine at night to help me
to sleep better. I was assured that by using this machine
I will feel so much better during the day and not be so
fatigued. We shall see about that.

I had to return to the sleep center again last week and
be monitored while I slept with the cpap machine. So
now I will have trouble sleeping there with being
hooked up to all the wires and also hooked up to
this breathing machine with a face mask which is hard
for me since I am claustrophobic and being watched again.
I had to take another sleeping pill so I could fall asleep and
it was hard getting used to all that air being forced in my
nose all night. They assured me I would get used to it
when I sleep at home with it. I am now waiting for the
medical supply place to deliver it to me. Hmm I wonder
if those face masks come in pink or purple LOL? might
as well add some color to my night look.

We found out that they will be sending Bobby soon for
a sleep study and I know that he definately will need
to have one of those cpap machines to sleep so we
will be a sight at night with both of us hooked up with
breathing masks on our face. I think we might just
scare the dog.

Here are a few pics of me at the sleep center.
me waiting to go to my room.
starting to get sleepy waiting.
all hooked up and ready for bed.
I didn't get a pic with my cpap mask on but when I
start using one at home I will take a pic of that.
I hope that it will make me feel some better during the day.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well as alot of my running buddies know that after my OKC half marathon
I passed out at the restaurant some of us were eating at in OKC.
One minute I was sitting at the table finishing up my meal then
suddenly getting consumed with hot flashes (yes I am getting old)
and lightheadedness so I got up to go to Sandra's car to turn on
the A.C. to cool off but before I made it to the door I blacked out
and the next thing I knew I was waking up with people standing over me
and asking if I was ok. I told them I was alright and that I just had ran
a half marathon and was probably still tired from that. They did call an
ambulance for me and they went to find Bobby and tell him what had
happened. Fortunately Dana (Ken's wife who is a nurse) took charge
and started making me drink lots of water thinking I may be dehydrated.
When the ambulance came they checked my BP and did an EKG on me
since I told them I have atrial fib. Everything checked out ok and they
asked me if I wanted to go to the ER anyways to be further checked out
but stubborn me refused saying I was ok. Dana told Bobby to keep making
me drink on the ride back home. Bobby doesn't make a good nurse, so
I wasn't expecting much from him on the way home. I slept alot which
might not have been a good idea since they told me I hit my chin and chest
pretty hard on a wooden desk as I fell. I tried to have some sympathy for
Bobby as well on the way home since he was sore from his long marathon.
Since this all happened a week ago I have been dizzy, nauseated, bouts of
weakness, headache and just not feeling good. I am bruised on my chest
where I hit it when I fell and it is very sore with any kind of movement
or pressure from laying down.
I decided that I should go to the dr. to get checked out and see what was
going on still with me. I went and my dr. is a little puzzled as to what
might have happened. He is running blood tests and hopefully it will
tell him something.
He suggested I go back to my heart dr. to see if something is going on
with my atrial fib. He said I possibly could be going in and out of afib
quickly and if that is the case it won't show up on EKG unless they catch
it at the right time.
He told me to rest and take it easy and not drive until my dizziness
gets better. He also told me to eat soup and drink lots of fluids just
in case I am still a little dehydrated which he is checking that in the blood
tests as well. He also got onto me for not going to the ER when it happened.
So once again I am sidelined from running. I probably won't be at any
of the group meetings for awhile until I get over this dizziness but I will
be thinking of everyone and cheering you all on from the sidelines of
my couch. I will recoop and hit the path running as soon as I can. I will
take a break from running long distances when I return but watch out
for me doing the 5K's. Someone should start a 5K maniac club because
I am thinking this might be my cup of tea with my health. Now hopefully
this won't put any hitches in my trip to Greece.
See you soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Dana getting to the race to start cooking
those yummy hamburgers.

Ken telling us all where to go
( I know he gets a kick out of doing that LOL.)

Michael & Chrissy waiting for the race to start.

Enjoying the race with my hubby.

Running the hard trails.

My sister in-law Christin did an awesome job
taking care of us at the aid station.

Big sis trying to hold up brother Russell.

Lisa is still smiling.

Jason keeping up a good pace for a great PR.

Brian hogging the trail.

Jeff (Ken's nephew) posing for a pic.

John (Ken's nephew) giving a wave for the camera.

I think Jenni & Vicky are trying to see if they
could use their arms to fly through the course.

LeeAnne, Sandra & Myself showing off our bling
after the race.

I finally got my trail shoes dirty just for Ken.

Brian trying to see how many beer cans he
could fit in his mouth.

What a beautiful day for a trail race!
I was looking forward to running in the Lake McMurtry trail
race that was held in Stillwater. Our friend Ken (A.K.A. Trail Zombie)
hosted this race for the first time this year and I thought he did
an awesome job despite one grumbly runner (no it wasn't me).

Bobby, myself, my brother Russell & sister in-law Christin left
our home at 5:30 that morning to meet up with Sandra to caravan
to the big town of Stillwater anxious about running in this race.
When we finally arrived Ken & Brian were working furiously to
get it all going.

First Ken sent out the 50Kers at 8 a.m. followed by the 25Kers at 8:30
then finally us 12Kers took out at 9. Bobby, myself, Sandra, & LeeAnne
were among the 12Kers trying to tackle this unfamiliar territory.
I started out going just a little too fast for me and it wasn't long
that I was out of breath and had to stop and walk for a bit.
I could have kicked myself for taking my heart pill right before
I started because I think that is why I was partly out of breath.
The terrain was rough and lots of climbing up small steep hills.
I decided to take my time and enjoy this beautiful trail with lots
of walking with a little running mixed in. I was determined and
thanks to my wonderful hubby for staying back with me and
keeping me encouraged to finish. I enjoyed seeing everyone
as they passed by us. I was trying to take all the beauty in
and forgetting about all the stress that has been going on in
my life. I know you all know what I have been dealing with
lately with my mom needing to have heart surgery and my
bedfast invalid dad going to be put in a nursing home for
awhile so my mom can recover when she has the surgery
and then eventually making a big decision whether my mom
can continue to take care of my dad or not so if that is the case
then he will have to be placed in a home for good. Anyways as
I was saying about taking in all the beauty that was around me
to help forget about my troubles did the trick. I had a day without
worries and truly enjoyed myself. Thanks Ken for talking me into
doing this race.
I was welcomed by the sight of my sister in-law Christin at the
aid station. I was needing water and refueling with some yummy
snacks. I thought that it was a good setup. Christin was doing an
awesome job at making sure all of us was taken care. We finally took
off again and did another 2.5 miles before we returned back once
again to her aid station to refuel for our last leg of the race.
We set out again to do our last 2.5 miles before we finally
came across the finish line. I made it and I had alot of fun doing
the race even though I told Ken he was in trouble for talking me
into doing this hard race.
There was some poor lost soul that complained for hours on end
that they took the wrong turn because of it not being marked good
and they went several miles out of their way and that cost them from
not placing in second in their age division. For the record I would like
to say that the course was well marked and if you took the wrong turn
or got lost it was your own negligence for not paying attention.
I have one word for that person who I have never seen before
it is called what Coach Kathy always says is BONUS MILES!
So what if you came in third instead of second this was a fun
well put on trail race not a Boston qualifier! I understand to the
avid racer that it is important how you place but you can speak
your complaint but you don't have to go on about it for hours.
I know I probably offended someone but this is my blog and
I can speak my mind on it and you don't have to read it. I am sorry
that Ken had to get an earful from that person for many hours
because he did an awesome job of putting this together.
When we were done Dana was hard at work cooking some
yummy hamburgers & hotdogs for us hungry runners to eat.
She did awesome for all the hard work she did in getting that
ready for us to eat. I am thankful for what she did.
Bobby & I then helped at the finish line tearing off the race number tags
and writing everyones finishing time and handing out the neat bling
that we all got. I liked the engraved compass that was our reward
for finishing. I enjoyed cheering all the rest of the runners that came
in that was doing the 25K & 50K race.
I missed getting a picture of Rock Star Ed. I heard he did an awesome job
at another aid station for the long distance runners. Kudos to you Ed.
When everyone got done with the race Ken, Bobby, myself, Ed, Lisa,
Jason, Brian, Russell, Christin, John & Jeff cleaned up all the remnants
of the day that was now a big blur. We then decided to go eat at Mexico
Joes in our grungy running gear and dirty faces & I think the waitress
thought we stunk because she seated us all outside to eat. Brian
decided to go back to his campsite instead of going with us so we
missed him being there. We had a good time there reminiscing of
the fun filled day. We finally said our goodbyes and headed home
to a welcome shower and bed.
I am surprised I am not that stiff and sore the day after the race
but I feel pretty good and think that doing a little trail running
might become addictive ( I know Ken is smiling big about this.)
I think if I keep this up I need to come up with a nickname for
myself hmmm maybe it could be "I don't want to get my
trail shoes dirty Susan" LOL.
I did feel though the race was just not the same without
Kathy, Roman & Candice there. We did miss you all.
Maybe next time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Bobby's brother Paul is going to be 50 on March 12th so Bobby
had this brainy idea to throw him a surprise party. Well guess
who got the pleasure of putting it all together and getting all
his family together in a weeks time? You guessed it. I had to
get everything organized and you know Bobby will take the
credit for it ha. Bobby's moms birthday was March 9th so
we wanted to honor her as well but make it more for his brother.
Bobby has quite a large family and it wasn't easy getting it
all put together. First I had to decide if I wanted to squeeze
17 people (which that isn't everyone in his large family) into
my tiny house. Bobby & I live in his grandparents home which
is over 50 years old and isn't designed big enough for todays
modern furniture and back in the day when we were younger
and his grandparents were alive and living here we did fit
more than 17 in here and I still can't figure that out but I knew
that it would be elbow to elbow if we had this party here.
So I decided to find a place that would accomodate all of us.
I got on the phone for days calling around to see who could
fulfill this task and be a place that everyone would like. I
then thought of Johnny's because they had a nice private area
for parties so I called them and someone on the phone told
me they just closed down for good due to the highway
expansion and wasn't going to re-open anywhere else.
Well bummer I thought so now back to the drawing board.
I started taking polls from Bobby's sisters because they do like to
give their opinions even when you don't ask ha. So after days
of headaches of trying to decide what to do I then decided
to just pick somewhere and tell everyone this is how it is
and if you want to come that would be great. So Red Robin it is.
I know my daughter likes it and I like it and Bobby's brother
likes it so that is where it will be. The only thing is that they
don't take reservations or even hold enough room for that
many people so they said to call 30 minutes ahead to let them
know that you are coming. I don't know why they want you to do this
because we still had to wait about 30 minutes for them to find
enough room to fit us all at.
During the week of planning everything, there was alot going
on that might hinder me from pulling this all together. I was
just getting over being down with my heart episode and I was
having to help my mom some take care of my ailing dad who
has given up on living and not wanting to eat much. He is pretty
much bedfast and can't do anything at all. We finally got hospice
for him and they provided us with a wheelchair and hospital
bed for him which is a big help. so sometimes if you see me and
I am a little more quiet than usual it is because I have my dad
on my mind.I am a daddy's girl and it is hard to see him like that.
I also appreciate my brother Russ for all the help he has been in
helping with our dad. Don't know what I would do without him.
Sorry I got of my main subject a bit. Bobby's mom we found out that
week was ill also with her emphysema and hopefully would be better
before the party so she could come. I was about to pull my hair out
trying to get this thing put together. The next challenge was
trying to make up something to get Bobby's brother to come without
him being suspicious. Bobby told him that we were going to take our
daughter out to eat for a belated birthday dinner and that we wanted
to treat him to dinner as well for his upcoming birthday. Luckily he
agreed to this.
Finally last Saturday came and we started out with a busy day of
our early morning run. I did wake up with a start of a head cold
and I thought not today of all days. Bobby & I then had to hurry home
after our run because we had a early hair appointment. Then after
that we had to hurry home to meet up with his brother who was
to ride with us. I was trying to make sure everyone was there
before us without him knowing what was going on. Finally
we arrived at Red Robin and when we got in the door everyone
was inside waiting for him and surprised him. I did it! I pulled
it off without him knowing what was going on and everything
else went well. WE had a nice get together and everyone was having
a good time visiting since Bobby's family lives out of town we hardly
get to see each other. Later some of them did come back to our
house and it wasn't that bad at all squeezing them in. I was
thankful the weather was nice so they could go outside
if they wanted. well here are a few pics from that day.

me with my brother Russ and his wife Christin after our run.

Bobby with his mom, brother paul, sisters Steph (black top)
and Joanie (purple top)

4 generations. Bobby, his mom, our daughter & granddaughter.

Bobby & I with our daughter, her husband Josh, and granddaughter.

All of us lined up at this big long table waiting for our food.
I felt sorry for our waitress having to take care of this crazy bunch.

This is my favorite and awesome coach Kathy who
loves cake and so I thought of her when we were eating this

TZ I know reading this blog was like reading a novel
but hope you enjoy anyways.