Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hey everyone if you haven't read Ken's blog yet please do so.
On the right side of my blog (not left LOL a little inside joke)
there is a link to vote for Ken for a deserving award. I think Ken
highly deserves this award for having the best blog about running.
He is a great mentor and friend. He is always ready to help a fellow
runner out. He gives great advice when you need it.
I think coach Kathy rocks in this department as well but since there is
no smackdown between the two of them then I have to toot Ken's horn
for this award.
I voted and so should you, so please click on the link and vote.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


You've heard all about Bobby & Ken's adventure at Sunmart
now here is my adventure.

Friday, the day we left for Sunmart I enjoyed caravaning with
Ken & Dana. The drive was pleasant and the weather wasn't
that bad either until we hit the dreaded Dallas traffic.

The traffic was horrible it was bumper to bumper and cars
zipping left and right all over the place. I don't know why they
have speed limit signs posted as no one there follows it. I guess
drivers ed there they teach you how to drive like a maniac. I was
a nervous wreck and ended up keeping my eyes closed all the way
through it. Finally we were out of that town thank goodness and
on our way to Houston to pick up everyones packet. When we
arrived in Houston as you all heard we had to go on a journey first
to find Bobby's vespa. I was getting a little creeped out by the area
we were in and wondered if we were going on a drug deal instead.

Now tell me if you would be a little leary buying Vespa from here.
We braved up and decided to go inside of here. The inside was a
little junky and creepy but the guy there was nice and wished
everyone luck on their race. When we left I thought to myself we
might ought to hurry in case the police come and raid us thinking
we were buying drugs. Everyone was out on their porches in this
seedy area and looking at us as if we were some junkie needing a fix.
Oh well I guess that is the fun of traveling and making memories
as you go.

We finally arrived at the Sheraton for the packet pickup and the
yummy pasta dinner. The buffet of all kinds of pasta and salad
were scrumdillyishis. We finally decided to head toward our hotel
and thankfully Roman, Brian & Kathy texted Ken ahead of time and
told him there was a traffic jam on the interstate so thanks to Ken's
GPS in his jeep he found an alternate route to get us there.

The day of the race we all met up at the state park and waited for the
race to begin. I couldn't believe how many people were there and how
beautiful the scenery was. The weather was quite chilly and my hands
were very cold. When everyone got headed out on their race Roman,
John (Ken's nephew) & myself decided we would go sightseeing and
shopping while we were waiting for them to finish. We knew we had
plenty of time for our own adventure. So we loaded up in our rental
car (Roman & I teased John about driving Dana's Jeep but he said she
would get mad since he didn't have a license yet. I don't think she will let
us babysit him anymore LOL.) and headed first to the Sam Houston
visitor center and monument park. On our way to the monument we
drove by the Texas penitentiary and was joking around about stopping
and visiting someone just out of random. WE then passed a tatoo parlor
and joked about getting a tatoo and also joked about seeing if the
penitentiary would let us buy their orange jumpsuits and when everyone
came back from their race we would be there with our orange jumpsuits
on and donning our tatoos. That would teach them to leave us alone
while they were out playing in the woods LOL.

You could go inside and browse in this building but it was closed
when we were there.

Me standing in front of this huge statue.

John (Ken's nephew) & myself standing on a bridge in a wooded
area of the visitor center.

Me standing on the porch of the visitor center.

This cat was sitting on the hood of our car when we were leaving
the visitor center. I guess he was the centers guard cat but he was
very friendly and cute.

We loaded up in the car and went to IHOP to eat breakfast and kill
some time before we headed onward to our next stop.

We drove about 25 miles south of Huntsville to Conroe to do a little
shopping at the outlet mall. I had only been to an outlet mall one other
time in my life and I was so excited on how big this mall was and all the
good deals I was getting. We were having a good time and then Roman
thought we better put a little speed into our shopping since it was getting
close to everyone starting to return back from their race. So once again
we loaded up in the car and we decided to go to sonic by our hotel which
was five miles north of the park. We decided to take this road that we
thought we took previously from the park to head back to the park and it
was never ending and we never saw the turn off for the park. I kept
driving and driving and driving and I told Roman if we end up back in
Conroe I was going to cry because mind you that was 25 miles south of
the park. We finally found a turn off toward the interstate that we
needed and luckily we were only 5 miles south of the park. WE returned
just in time to see Lisa, Jason, Jenni, Janeen, Bob (Janeen's dad), Bobby,
Dana, Ken & Kathy finish. Brian & Jeff (Ken's nephew) had already finished
by the time we got there.

These 2 silly girls decided they wanted to pretend like they were doing
snot rockets while we were waiting for everyone else to finish. You have
to be silly to belong to our group LOL.

We soon feasted on this huge spread of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato
salad, beans and brisket. We decided to head it toward the hotel but first
Dana fell in love with this santa.

They had the park all decked out with Christmas decorations and
at night time it was a wonderland.

When we got to our rooms Bobby & I relaxed a bit while watching
OU play that great game. During half time we decided to join some
of the TATURS at this mexican restaurant that was within walking
distance from our hotel but when we were heading toward where we
thought it was we couldn't find it so Bobby was starting to get grouchy
and demanded that I go inside the dairy queen to ask them where it was.
So I went in and had to wait to ask someone for directions and Bobby
came in all huffy because I wasn't being fast enough. I was getting
perturbed at him and told him not to take his grouchiness out on me
because I didn't make him run 31 miles. I know being a runner myself
that after a long run you do tend to be a little grouchy but your still not
ready to listen to it if it is your spouse that is grouchy. We had to walk in
the busy street with the crazy drivers at night and was getting honked at
so I am sure that didn't help Bobby's mood. We finally made it there in
one peace and still civil to each other and when we got to the table
Everyone was clapping for Bobby so that changed his mood
(thanks to all the TATURS for that help). We enjoyed visiting with
everyone that was there. WE decided it was time to call it a night and
found a closer way to go back to our hotel without having to play in the street.

Sunday morning it was time to head it home so we loaded up the car and
decided to stop at IHOP for breakfast.

We finally hit the road toward home and when we got to Dallas thank
goodness the traffic wasn't quite as bad as it was coming. While we were
traveling along We had the company of John (Ken's nephew) riding with us.
WE really enjoy him and his twin brother Jeff which I have a hard time
telling apart but by the end of the trip I knew who was who. These boys are
a joy to be around. They are very polite and very helpful. I think they take
after their uncle Ken and aunt Dana in that department. I told them I was
going to adopt them since I need a son of my own.

While we were traveling home we seen this huge fire at a barbeque place,
which we figured barbeque was out of the question then. later there was
this car totally engulfed on the side of the road and there were firetrucks
and police cars all around and as we went by something under the car
exploded and threw something in the air toward us and that was a little
scary. I prayed that no one was in the car at the time it caught on fire.
That is the only thing I hate about traveling is that you sometimes see
all sorts of things along the way.

When we finally got into Oklahoma we stopped at one of my favorite
places which is Robertsons smokehouse. They have the best smoked
ham sandwiches. I got some smoked turkey and smoked bacon to bring
home and it too is yummy. So if you are ever traveling toward Texas
and you see a sign for Robertsons it is worth it to stop.

When we finally arrived in Tulsa we had to meet Roman at RunnersWorld
to drop off some of his luggage because they didn't have room in the other
vehicles for it. Roman & Kathy woke Bobby & I up early that morning before
they left to see if we had room for it so they got to see us at our finer
moment of sleepy eyes and bad hair LOL.

Now you know my Sunmart saga and all the fun I had so with all the eating
I did while there I need to go on a diet and run more.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ed Beware!!!! Today when I opened my front door guess what
those sneaky people left me!!!!
(Drum Roll Please )

That's right they are at it again! They tiptoed quietly to my
front porch so I wouldn't hear them and left these beauties ,
at least they got the hint and changed the color of the bags.
Ed you should like the orange look for the OSU color even though
OU will win this weekend LOL. They were so sneaky even my dog
didn't hear them I guess they knew I would try to make them take it
back. I don't need these so maybe Ed you will take them off my hands
to go with your collection. So be looking for a phonebook coming to your
front porch soon.


Ok. Since I was tagged by Ken here is my crazy eights list.

  1. Survivor
  2. Dancing with stars
  3. Greys anatomy
  4. Amazing race ( I still think Kathy & Roman should do this )
  5. Private practice
  6. Desperate housewives
  7. Celebrity rehab
  8. Two and a half men


  1. Chimis
  2. Golden Palace
  3. Steak and Ale ( I wish they were still in business)
  4. Outback
  5. Charlestons
  6. Jasons Deli ( I love their ruebens, potatoe soup & salad bar )
  7. Napoli's
  8. Arnolds
  9. I would have put at home because I love my cooking but I don't cook much anymore since it is only Bobby to cook for LOL.


  1. Showered
  2. Worked in my daughters place since she is sick
  3. Cooked cabbage soup for dinner
  4. Watched t.v.
  5. Loaded dishwasher
  6. Reserved a car for Sunmart trip
  7. Read magazines
  8. Went to bed


  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Christmas
  3. Spending time with my granddaughter & daughter
  4. Sunmart
  5. My 30 year Anniversary in January
  6. Bobby coming home from work
  7. Running with our group
  8. Going shopping


  1. Holidays
  2. Eating more soups & Chili
  3. Snuggling in my blankets
  4. No allergies for awhile
  5. Drinking hot teas
  6. Watching football
  7. Eating more especially at Holiday time but anytime really since we need the extra pounds for warmth.
  8. Not having to do spring cleaning.

It was hard to find 8 things I liked about fall since Fall and Winter are not my favorite times of years. I don't like the cold, I miss all the sunshine and warmth of the sun since I am a person who has to have sunshine everyday to function well. I don't like running the heater because it dries my nose out.


  1. For my daughter to get to feeling better
  2. More grandkids but I know that won't happen
  3. Spend more time with my granddaughter
  4. Another 30 + years with Bobby
  5. My heart to be fixed ( I know that God can perform that miracle )
  6. To run better
  7. Go to Greece with Our running group
  8. Quit taking all the meds I take ( I will have to trust God on this one too )

I am like Erin my life is complete and happy so I don't have alot that I wish for. I have a great husband, I have the best daughter and granddaughter and I too get to

stay home ( for health reasons) so what else is there that I should want.


  1. Bobby ( I know he doesn't like to play these games but it is worth a try )
  2. Alicia
  3. Aunt Julia
  4. Deon
  5. Ed
  6. Lisa
  7. Russell
  8. Christin

I hope you all get as much fun from this as I did. Have a blessed week and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I have the greatest multi talented Aunt in the world. I adore her so
much and she is so full of love and positiveness and would do anything
for anyone. She lives in Round Rock, Texas which is a suburb of Austin.
Round Rock is a good place to visit if you haven't been there. Round Rock
has the best donuts ever next to Krispy Kremes so if you ever are in the
neighborhood you have to try them. I unfortunately don't get a chance to
visit my beautiful Aunt very often but I do get so much positive energy
from her when I do visit or even when I chat with her on facebook. Like
I said she is multi talented, she is a fabulous artist, she makes the best
cookies ever and she did have her own cookie business at one time but
now she makes cookies for the firestation in her neighborhood, she is a
songwriter and did live in Nashville for several years and sold her songs
to famous country singers and I am sure you probably heard them. She
moved from Nashville to Round Rock to be close to her grandkids and now
she has just invented and patented the slip-notz.
What is a Slip-Notz? Finally, a product that keeps your dust ruffle in place!
No more shifting, bunching or movement while shoving the mattress back
into place when initially dressing the bed, changing the bedding or simply
making the bed.
This product has just been marketed by a famous store which she hasn't
released the name yet so for now you can go online at
http://www.slip-notz.com/ to order as many as you like.
They would make good christmas gifts or just for yourself. They come in
all bed sizes. I know if I had a dust ruffle I would be buying this for me.
I know how frustrating it is when you are changing sheets and the dust
ruffle moves all over the place.
I know you guys out there think this is not for you but I bet you would
score big time with your wives if you bought this for her alongside some
jewelry of course.
So take a moment and browse at her website it will tell more about it
and how to use it. I will have to go out and buy me a dust ruffle so I can
have one. She always posts thoughts for the day on facebook and I look
forward everyday to reading them and it gives me so much inspiration
for the day. So this is what she posted today.
Thought for the day: There's joy in everything I do.
So I hope everyone will get some joy out of reading this and Aunt Julia
if your reading this I hope you enjoyed it and didn't mind me bragging
on you a bit. I know you have more talents than what I listed so forgive
me for not mentioning them all.
Maybe next time I will post about me being the second cousin to
David Gates the lead singer in Bread for those that are old enough
to remember them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am truly proud of us Quarter marathoners for running a good race at the
Route 66. We set out to run a good race and break records for ourselves
and we did. I wanted to do atleast a 1:30 but did come in at 1:35 so I am
happy since I did break my last years time of 1:49. I don't think that was
bad for this old lady with all the health issues I have. I felt good during the
run keeping myself in a zone and happy that I got to have my music to keep
me going. I enjoyed seeing Candice, Joye, Glen & Christin along the way
cheering for me. I also was happy when I spotted Coach Kathy cheering for
me as well because when I seen her that gave me the inspiration to keep
going and try hard to push myself to my goal. When I was coming into the
finish line and I looked over in the crowd and seen Kathy there cheering
and smiling at me I knew I had accomplished my goal (even though I
missed my time by 5 minutes) with her help and encouragement.

I enjoyed visiting afterwards with Meg who did awesome also in the Quarter.
I tried to find Sandra also afterwards to give her my congrats but couldn't
find her so last night at our run I seen her and gave her a big high five. She
is so inspiring to me as well.

I enjoyed the lovely delectable undercooked hamburger (Yummo) that they
were serving to us. Did anyone else get to try these yummy selmonilla on a
bun? I like my hamburger a little pink but it was a little too raw for my taste.
I later seen people with pizza and thought man I wished they would have
had that for us quarter marathoners instead. I guess I should be thankful
for what I did get.

I was so proud of all the halfers meeting their goals and of course all the
marathoners as well. I had fun getting to cheer all of them in but the
straw that broke the camels back in the emotion category was when I
seen Bobby coming in and how alot of the group united and ran in with
him and when I got to cross the line with him. I was so proud of him.

Back to the reason why I titled my blog "Quarter Marathoners Unite!".
You know after all the hoopla is over with and you start to settle back
into your everyday routine some people including me start having negative
thoughts (which I try not to be negative) about their accomplishments and
that voice in your head tells you that since you have done the half before
then the quarter is not that big of an accomplishment but I quickly shook
that feeling off because it is a huge accomplishment for all of us that did do
the quarter. WE did succeed because we were out there running and not at
home like alot of people are sitting on the couch.
I succeeded my expectations by being able to run again since my illness. I
was telling someone later about these feelings I was having and someone
overheard me and said "Oh well what matters is that you were there
cheering all the halfers and marathoners in." Yes I know cheering for your
fellow runner is very important and exciting but gee don't kick a quarter
marathoner when they are down please give us some encouraging words
as well. I am more determined than ever now to go for the half marathon
once again in OKC if God willing, heart willing and Dr. willing will allow it.

I am having a wonderful week because my daughter and granddaughter is
back home from Florida, I am getting to spend time with all my
RunnersWorld friends, I am feeling good and I am going back to my positive
mode and having peace within myself what more could I want

Friday, November 14, 2008


I know we all have had those weeks when everytime you turn around something depressing happens. Well I guess this is my week.
first my daughter and granddaughter are gone all week to Florida to go to Disney. I know they are having a good time but I miss talking to my daughter everyday this week. I will be glad when they are back home safe and sound.
second depressing thing that happened is our neighbor across the street from us passed away at home suddenly. She was just 76 and I know she wasn't in the best of health but she wasn't expected to go anytime soon. She was a sweet lady and will miss seeing her out and about. We have had so many neighbors pass away in the past few years and sad to say we still have a few more that probably won't be around a whole lot longer but I guess that is what happens when your neighbors are your elders that Bobby has grown up with.
This morning my mom called me to tell me that my dad had a fall in the bathroom and she had to get her neighbor to help her get him up. My poor little dad is very feeble and not in the best of health and I worry alot about him. I went and spent time with them to make sure he was ok and to help my mom with him. I hate it that our parents have to get old and rely now on our care. I don't mind taking care of them and I love them dearly but I just want to hold onto the memories of when I was young and they were in better health and taking care of me.
I hope I didn't bum you all out too much but I just had to vent a little hoping it would make me feel better. Now on top of having a depressing week I did have a few good things go on.
I am still reflecting on my joyous time I had with everyone that was at the mother road race. I had such an amazing experience that I am ready to do it again. I know Ken & Kathy aren't in no big hurry for that.
I enjoyed Thursday nights walk with Candice & Lindsay. I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful Aiden. I appreciated all the hard work that Kathy & Brian did to throw the pizza party. The food was good but visiting with friends was priceless.
I am now focusing on (I am not going to say only) the quarter marathon. I was so hoping to do the half this year but there is always next year for that but maybe I will be in Greece at that time who knows. I am looking forward to the challenge and all the excitement that goes along with it. I will be at the finish waiting and cheering all the half and full marathoners in. I found out I am good at this cheering thing. I can't wait to go to the expo tonight to pick up our race packets because that makes it more real and now we have to go through with it no backing out.

hopefully everyone will eat well and get plenty of rest and I will see you Sunday.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Ok so I was starting to get the last kid to be picked feeling until dear sweet Rachael picked me to be tagged.

The 6th picture in my sixth folder in my pics folder is a picture of Bobby's mom and his second cousin. We were at my nephews wedding reception back in May of this year. My nephew is one of 3 nephews that are in the marines. We are so proud of them. I have 1 nephew now in Iraq until this coming April.

So who thinks Bobby looks like his mom?

This is our nephew Dustin Who is the son of Bobby's oldest sister (she is deceased now) and he is stationed in North Carolina and is waiting for his 3rd time around to go to Iraq.

This is our nephew Nick who is the son of Bobby's next to the youngest sister. He is in Iraq now serving his 3rd time there. He is stationed in Hawaii when he is home.

This is our nephew Cory who is the brother of Nick. He just finished boot camp and is waiting for his orders and haven't heard yet where he will be stationed at.

I know I was only supposed to post my tagged picture but I couldn't help but to show off my handsome nephews in their marine attire.

I now tag Kim and Chrissy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well I did it. I put the fears to rest on whether or not I could run 6 miles without falling over dead. I know you all think that it is just a walk in the park for you marathoners but I was having doubts since that is the longest I have ran in several months. I knew I had committed to running in the route 66 quarter marathon but was having doubts if I could make it and last Saturday I proved to myself that I could(yeah me). I felt good about how well I did I just would like to improve a little on my time but I think on race day that will happen. I was dog tired afterwards and speaking of dogs I hope the little puppy that was found in the dumpster during the run is doing ok. I can't believe someone would do that to a little helpless puppy it is so inhumane and it makes me very angry that they would do that to one of Gods creatures.

I am so proud of everyone for finishing their run. I was glad to see Cheryl coming in with still a little smile on her face. She has come a long way in her training and I know she will do good come race day.

I am sad to say that I think the Dynamic Duo is no longer running together because Ed (I want to kick some globo gymers A##) has become faster than lightning(way to go!). He did awesome on his 22 (I mean 24) miler. I know he will do good also on race day.

We now have introducing the Team :
Thing 1 & Thing 2

Can you see the resemblance? I think these two make quite the pair. They are a little wacky but you got to love them they are part of the running family. I mean who wouldn't love these two of a kind ( I think one is a little more funnier than the other)? they may bring up the rear (no fault of Ken's) but they have fun in doing so. Way to go guys!

Bobby ordered these tattoo's for Ken, Ed & himself to wear on race day.

I think they will look so cool on them. I think you still have time to order them if anyone else is interested in them. The website is http://www.marathontattoo.com/ They also have tattoo's for half marathoners. They get them to you pretty quick.

Sunday Bobby & I went bike riding with Christin on the west bank of the river. We rode I think about 7 or maybe 8 miles. WE had a good time and the weather was perfect. I was surprised Bobby even felt like going but he was feeling good and thought it would help loosen up his legs more. Bobby has recovered fast from his long run.

Monday night I enjoyed my run with Bobby, Ken, Michael and Cassy. I was glad Cassy joined in with us. We ran 4.5 miles, we started at 21st and ran north across 11th street bridge and then down the west bank to the pedestrian bridge and across the bridge finishing up back at 21st. Ken was kind enough to hang back with me. Ken & I stopped a few times to talk to people we knew which I was thankful for the little break. When we were running on the west bank we came upon some sprinklers going and everyone wanted to go around them but not me I thought what the heck I won't need a shower when I get home LOL so I ran right through them and I welcomed the cool mist in my face.

Bobby and I are trying to plan ahead on how he should eat to get ready for his marathon. Ken has given him some good advice so we are taking that to incorporate with what Bobby thinks he should eat which I know there will be popcorn included in his menu. I think he could live on popcorn. I think the popcorn industry would go broke if he stopped eating it.

Not much else going on for me this week except I hope maybe the rain will hold off Wed. evening so Bobby & I can go bike riding again. I am so loving this biking thing but I won't give up on my running. I am looking forward to this weekend to go help out at the mother road 100 mile race that Ken & Kathy are participating in. I will be cheering them on as well as some of our other runners like Candice, Jason & Lisa. I know that Roman will be there also pacing Kathy and Bobby will be pacing Ken some as well as Dave who I think is pacing Kathy some. Good luck to them both I know they will do awesome.

I hope everyone makes it out to vote today so I guess I better get ready to go vote myself and stand in the long lines(maybe I should take some lunch with me.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I hope everyone is having a good week and recovering from the Tulsa Run.

I had so much fun helping Kathy & Brian out at the Tulsa Run Expo (I hope I didn't make too many boo boo's for them.) I enjoyed getting to see everyone in our group that was picking up their race packets. The anticipation and eagerness on their faces made my day. I too was excited about this Race since it was my first race since being sick with my heart issues. I also enjoyed having dinner Friday night with Kathy, Brian, Ken, Dana, Jason (Dana & Ken's son) & the beautiful Mackenna (Dana & Ken's granddaughter.) she is so adorable and very entertaining I might add and Oh of course my wonderful husband Bobby (I guess I better mention him so he doesn't get his feelings hurt.)

Saturday morning came early since I didn't get in bed until late Friday night but it was nice to sleep just a little later than our normal saturday morning run. I was ready for the race to start. I met up with Brenda & Donna to run with them. I enjoy running with Brenda & Donna they keep me motivated. Donna finally took off ahead of us guess she got her gust of wind. I was doing good and feeling good making sure my heartrate stayed where it should. I still had that little voice in my head putting a little fear in me hoping that this doesn't trigger another attack. I tend to hear that voice when I run and I am trying hard to conquer that fear. I was hoping to make good time but I was a little off from what I wanted. I was hoping for a 41 minute time but ended up with a 44 which was 2 minutes faster than last years Tulsa Run. I guess that wasn't bad for this old grandma that hasn't been training that much since being sick. I did get to cheer everyone in that did the 15K and was proud of all of you for doing your best. Bobby & I went to have breakfast afterwards with Ken, Deon & Brian which was nice getting to rehash the morning event with them.

Saturday evening we went to Broken Arrow for the halloween bash on Main Street. We helped pass out candy and had fun with our granddaughter.

She was dressed up like her favorite HighSchool Musical character and her adorable cousin was dressed up like a cute little witch. Our daughter even got dressed up this year.

There was alot of kids walking up and down Main Street I had no idea it was going to be such a huge ordeal but I guess free candy brings out everyone. Our granddaughter got to come home with us to stay all night which I am always ready for her to come stay with us. Sunday morning she got to go with her papa to the donut shop for breakfast which was a treat for her. We had to take her home later that day which is always hard to do when we are having so much fun with her. We stopped at riverparks afterwards to go for a bike ride. We rode our bikes across the pedestrian bridge which it was so windy that I thought I was going to blow off of it. We ran into Cara on the path who was out riding her bike as well. She had mentioned she had ran that morning at turkey mountain with Brian and some of the other Taturs and she had so much fun she is going to do it again. We were riding across 11th street bridge when there was this elderly man in a motorized wheelchair coming toward us in the distance and I don't know what happened but the next thing we knew he was falling over. He managed to get back in his chair before we could reach him but we made sure he was ok before we went any farther. He said he was fine and went on his merry way. Cara was done at that point because she had already gone alot of miles before we caught up to her so Bobby & I went on the Katy Trail toward SandSprings which is a nice place to ride your bike just a little hilly. We turned around at the Gilcrease Museum rode due to it would be getting a little dusky soon. We stopped by Jason's Deli on the way home to pick up some potato soup to take home for dinner. I am hooked on their soup it is so good.

Monday evening we went running at the lower paved path of Turkey mountain with Michael and Ken. We always enjoy our runs with them. I decided to run instead of riding my bike because I need to be ready for the quarter marathon in a few weeks. Ken & I ran the way back together and we talked about his upcoming 100 miler which I am looking forward to helping with. I ended up running/walking a total of 5 miles. I felt good how well I did but it was a little chilly and took awhile for my lungs to warm up enough to breathe good while I was running. That is one thing I am not looking forward to in the winter time.

I am looking forward to the mock marathon this Saturday where I am planning to do the quarter marathon and hoping to make it under what I completed my quarter last year which was 1:49:53. I will be cheering the rest of those doing their long distance running. I know everyone will do awesome.

Have a blessed week and will see everyone at our usual stomping ground.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I know it has been a little while since my last post and Bobby was just saying that most of us hadn't posted in awhile. So Bobby here you go.

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with my daughter and granddaughter as my granddaughter was out of school for fall break. Wednesday we met at Cheesecake Factory for lunch which was so so good. WE also had the pleasure of having lunch with Candice as well. The food is so delicious and the best part of all is the yummy cheesecake. I think everyone should try it out atleast once in their lifetime. I was hoping to spend more time with my daughter that day but she said she had to meet her husband afterwards to run an errand. I asked her what she was doing and she just said oh it is just something we have to do. Knowing my daughter like all moms knows theirs I knew something was up and I had a gut feeling I knew what it was and yes my gut feeling was right.

She went and got herself a Tattoo! I knew she has been wanting one for quite sometime but kept hoping that phase would pass. I am trying to be a good sport about it but I did voice my opinion. My daughter has always been very quiet and shy growing up so this was totally out of character for her but I guess she is coming out of her shell and realizing there is a whole world out there just waiting for her to grasp hold of and enjoy. I just didn't think it would come in the form of a tattoo but I can't complain too much if that's the worst thing she does because she is a mom and needs to still set examples for her daughter and she still is my sweet little girl all grown up. She tells me I am too conservative and need to be more open minded and enjoy life more. I thought I was enjoying life but in her eyes I guess not. Well my dear daughter I will try to loosen up more and I am very proud of you and who you are. I guess I am stuck with my son in-law for sure now LOL. I can't say anything bad about him he is a very good husband and father to both my girls. He is shy like my daughter and doesn't have alot to say but he is a very hard worker and provider for them. He is very intelligent thank goodness for my daughters sake because she is a true blonde.

Friday I met up with my daughter and granddaughter at the mall and we had the best time shopping and getting a special treat of ice cream. I had bought all 3 of us some white sunglasses and my granddaughter thought that was so cool that we looked like triplets. She said she was taking them to Florida with her when she goes in November and taking them on the teacup ride at Disney. I wish I could sneak in their suitcase for that trip. That was a surprise trip my son in-law planned for them.

After I got done with them at the mall I then went to work and got my belongings and left my resignation letter. I was glad no one was there as I was a little sad. Even though it was saddening I still feel good about my decision. You know that saying when one door closes another one opens well that is happening to me and I am so blessed for that. I have been wondering since I am no longer working how to make a little extra money to help save for the trip to Greece in November 2009 with Coach Kathy. I so want to go and do the 5 K or maybe the half there so I can say I have ran a race in another country. My parents who are disabled are on this assistance program that has someone come clean their house for them 3 hours a day 3 days a week. I was joking with them about I could do that for them and get paid for it. I didn't think that the program would let relatives do it for them but my mom asked them and they said I could all I would have to do is fill out the forms. So I am thinking seriously about doing this for that extra cash if my parents don't drive me too crazy being around them that much LOL. I can taste Greece in my future so Chrissy & Michael save us a room.

Last night (Tuesday) I enjoyed my walk with Candice & Chrissy. I was glad Chrissy came to walk with us it has been awhile since she has joined us due to her surgery. Her husband Michael runs with Bobby on Monday nights and I always ask when Chrissy is coming back and last night she surprised me. We had alot of girl talk to catch up on. Candice was alittle bummed last night and I hope she is doing better today. After Walking Bobby & I had an enjoyable dinner with Kathy, Brian, Ken, Dana, Roman & Toby at the Oriental Buffet on 71st & Riverside. I had never been there but Ken & Dana really like it. I have to say it was very good and it was better than the China King that is a few doors down from it. I will definately eat there again. We laughed at everyones fortune from their fortune cookie ( if you ever heard of the old game when you read your fortune you add " in bed under the sheets" at the end of the fortune. that really makes for a good laugh.)

This Friday I volunteered to help Kathy & Brian at the Tulsa Run expo. I am looking forward to helping, it should be fun but I bet Brian puts me on the ugly foot contest and I will have to be grossed out by all the ugly feet. WE were teasing Bobby about having to walk around in this ugly foot costume at the expo, boy wouldn't that be hillarious.

I am looking forward to doing the Tulsa Run. I just don't understand why everyone gets a finisher medal except the 5 Kers. I know it's not much but come on now even the 1 mile fun runners gets a medal. Oh well as the saying goes Que Sera, Sera. That's how I am going to look at life from now on and not stress about the little things.

Just a reminder if anyone wants to bring out their kids saturday evening starting at 6 p.m. on Main Street in Broken Arrow Bobby & I will be there at our daughters in-laws business(Quaid & Associates) helping pass out candy for the halloween bash. They will have all sorts of games and lots of fun so dress up your goblins and bring them out and be sure to look for us.

Well this should be enough blogging to wet your appetite for the week (Bobby). I hope to see everyone at the expo & Tulsa Run.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Wow what a weekend I had. Bobby & I got up extra early Saturday morning to prepare for his 20 mile run and take food & water to turkey mountain for the runners. I am certain Dave got up early as well to get everything else ready in the absence of our fearless leader who was having an adventure herself. Props goes to Dave for the awesome job he did marking the course the day before which Bobby & I met up with him Friday evening after he had finished.
We congregated at our usual meeting spot and listened to Dave give instructions for the route and I glanced around and noticed we were missing a few of our runners and definately was missing Kathy & Ken but was wishing them luck on their 100 miler. I did think about them periodically all through the day as to how they were doing and what mile they might be at. I definately admire them for their accomplishments. Candice & I bid farewell to the runners as we sent them on their way thanking God that it was them not us on that long run. We hopped into my car and started out on our journey to stay ahead of the runners to cheer them on and make sure that everyone was ok and had plenty of water to drink. We first stopped at the turn in on riverside by the pedestrian bridge and everyone was still smiling at that point and having fun. I was wanting to count heads but it was too dark. We then proceeded to Turkey Mountain to meet up with them and we watched people get ready for the duathlon they were having at Turkey Mountain. When the runners got to that point they were starting to look a little tired which I think after climbing up that big hill had a major role in that. I did finally get a head count of the runners which was 32 doing the 20 miles unfortunately I didn't get to get a count of the half marathoners but there was a good group doing that run but did notice a few of them missing as well. When the runners took off from Turkey mountain Candice & I loaded up the water jug and table and headed for runnersworld to drop off the water jug just in case it was needed there for when the runners got to that point but it was well stocked already with water but we thought we would leave the pretzels there for them. We did run into some of the half marathoners there which they were looking good and doing a fantastic job on their 8 mile run. Once again we loaded into the car and decided to make a stop at starbucks (sorry Rachael) so the mommy to be could take a bathroom break and since we were there we thought what the heck we might as well get us something to go ( sorry Rachael). WE then proceeded toward 21st and had to detour through the neighborhood because for some reason the police had that intersection blocked. Candice & I were drooling over the fancy homes and critiquing their beauty. WE finally arrived at Veterans Park to check on the half marathoners finishing up with their run and made sure everyone was doing ok. WE hopped into my car once again to take out on Riverside to see where the marathoners were at. We spotted the head leaders of the group right about where we meet on Tuesdays so we made a quick turnaround and headed for our next stop where the path first enters the neighborhood when you cross riverside. WE stood their and cheered and took pics of everyone coming through ( I did forward those pics to Ken & Kathy so be looking out for them to show up on the runnersworld blog.). WE told everyone there would be water & pretzels for them at runnersworld. I was amazed at how many smiles were still on their faces at that point which was probably right about mile 15. WE did notice AAron (I think that was his name because I heard some say his name was Mike) was having some trouble with his leg. We asked if he was ok and if he needed a ride back to the start. He said no he was having some issues but was still going to keep on going. Bobby & Ed were the last to come through that point but was not too far behind the girl power team and was trying to keep the smile on their face. I know by the look on Bobby's face that he had hit the wall. So to cheer him up we told them we would have a surprise for them when they got to Runnersworld. WE hauled it to Wild Oats to meet up with my daughter so I could pick up my granddaughter who would be staying with us overnight. My granddaughter was excited to tell me that her dad had sent her on a treasure hunt and at the end of the hunt she found tickets to Disney World which they will be going in November. WE left wild oats and caught up with Bobby & Ed by Runnersworld and showed Bobby his surprise (it was our granddaughter cheering him on.) I hoped that the sight of Katie would inspire him to keep on going. WE finally headed back to Veterans Park to finish cheering everyone in for their big hurrah. I tried to take everyones picture of them after they finished. They were tired but yet amazed at themselves at what they just accomplished. Bobby & Ed brought up the rear, once again not that far behind girl power which I am so proud of them and thank ED for sticking with Bobby to keep him going. I will have to give Candice & myself props for being the cheer leaders but a big CONGRATS to all the runners for a job well done.

Bobby had trouble resting that day after his run. He was sore and too tired to relax and sleep so later that evening we took our granddaughter to the movies to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua which was a cute movie to see. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a family movie to see together.

Sunday brought another busy funfilled day for us starting with a big breakfast I cooked complete with biscuits and gravy and all the fixins yummo. I had enough spongebob to last me for awhile as that is my granddaughters favorite cartoon to watch the whole time she stays with us. Later in the afternoon we decided to have a picnic before we took her home. Do you know how hard it is to find a park in Broken Arrow. WE finally ended up at her elementary school which you can use on the weekends for picnics and playtime plus they have a half mile track around it. WE ate our sandwiches and our granddaughter told us that they have to go around the track everyday after lunch before they can play. She wanted to run around it so WE took off, she & I ran around it and Bobby walked it. She wanted to do it again like all kids would so once again she & I ran around it and Bobby walked. I think we did about a mile altogether. I needed the workout anyways. WE then played on the playground for awhile before we had to take her home which I hate having to say goodbye to her because it will be awhile before I see her again. I will get to see her on the evening of the 25th they are having a halloween bash on Main street in Broken arrow, if anyone is interested it starts at 6 p.m. where the kids can go trick or treating to the businesses there which My daughter's in-laws have a business there and I will be helping hand out candy that night. They will have other activities going on as well.
Later Sunday evening Bobby & I went bike riding at Turkey Mountain trail which I love to do but the climb back up afterwards is a killer. WE rode about 8 miles. WE like to stop at the pedestrian bridge area and rest and take in the view before heading back. WE like to have a little nourishment there to give us energy for the ride back.
See I told you I had a busy weekend and my week will be somewhat busy as well with housework and dr.'s appointments plus I forgot that I will be having lunch this week with my daughter and hopefully Candice if it works out for her. I will also be taking my letter of resignation to work which you all know that will be the best for me and my health issues. It will be sad to say goodbye to everyone at work since I was there for 11 years. I will have to pack up my belongings also which after all those years I have accumulated alot.

I look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday night and hope you all have a blessed week and have recooperated well from your run. Ed I hope you have a safe trip this week.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


This past week I have had more than my share of cake. Last Monday as you all know was my birthday so I had cake. Tuesday night I brought cupcakes for everyone so more cake. Thursday night Lisa brought cake for her birthday so once again more cake for me. Friday I had lunch with Candice at Queenies which if you haven't tried it they are very good. I had Quiche & a salad and guess what I had to get? carrot cake since I was told their cakes were good and they were right the cake was awesome. Since I have had so much cake this past week I think I have had enough for awhile. I started riding my stationary bike and lifting weights along with my walking/running since after eating all that cake I will look like big Bertha if I don't watch out.

Saturday morning I enjoyed my adventurous ride with Coach Kathy as we cheered on all the runners as they made their way through downtown. We made it back to Veterans park just in time for her to have to leave for the Zoo run. I stayed and waited for everyone to come in from their first leg of their 9 mile run. Everyone left again for their final 4 miles after hydrating & refueling. Cheryl , who is doing awesome, came in from her first 5 miles totally wiped out and very thirsty and was wanting to give up but I told her I needed to run 4 miles so I will run with you. She agreed to go ahead and finish so we took off and we had a steady pace running but I forgot my garmin and couldn't tell what pace we were at. We both kept conversation going to keep her occupied and not think about running. I felt good and was doing alot of running and she was scared I was overdoing it but I told her I am ok and lets keep on going. We made it back to veterans park and she was disappointed that she didn't make her 11 mile goal for the day but I told her not to be too hard on herself because she did do 9 miles and made the effort to come when it was lightning and looking like rain. I am very proud of her determination. I did sign up to do the quarter marathon so I am working hard to be ready for which is hard to get back into since I hadn't done much running since June. I still have that little voice in my head trying to hold me back for fear of another attack. Charlotte did give me some words of wisdom on overcoming those fears.

Sunday I talked Bobby into buying us some new set of wheels.

We went to the Trek store on Riverside and both of us purchased matching his/hers Trek Bikes just like the one pictured above. I haven't been on a bike in quite awhile so I was hoping I wouldn't take a spill on my first time out. We took our bikes to turkey mountain and it was scary going down that steep hill I felt like my bike was flying through the air. We rode from the parking lot to the 31st street bridge where we sat down on the benches to take a rest break and enjoy the relaxing view. I think the chalk monster has struck once again because there was chalk messages all along the path. The weather was so perfect for bike riding except on the way back to turkey mountain the wind was making it hard to peddle forward. When we got to the start up the long hill toward the parking lot we decided we needed to push our bikes up it instead of trying to peddle up it. My legs were stiff at that point and made it hard to climb that very long hill which I think they need to put in escalators for us old people. I truly enjoyed our bike ride and we will be riding now on Wed. & Sundays for our cross training. I think next Sunday if the weather is nice we will take along sandwiches to eat while we are relaxing at the pedestrian bridge. I think I am going to like this new hobby but I bet I am going to be sore in the morning. I think our neighbors think we are nuts, first running and now biking even my daughter asked if we were going to get into triathlons now like her in-laws. I said no way I am just riding for fun not for competitiveness.

I am looking forward to this coming weekend. First it will be exciting to see Bobby do his first 20 miler so Candice & I will be there cheering everyone in on their 20 miler and also cheer on the half marathoners as well. Maybe we can sag for you guys since Kathy won't be there :( . I will also get the pleasure of keeping my granddaughter overnite since it is my daughters 5th anniversary.

Hope all have a wonderful & Blessed week and Lindsay hope you & Aiden are doing good and look forward to seeing him.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

IT'S MY PARTY.........

Tomorrow (Monday the 29th) I will be another year older. I am not too thrilled about this and Bobby is not helping the matter at all. He has been teasing me all day about turning older and getting closer to that big 50. I have been thinking about that song "It's my party" but instead singing "It's my birthday & I'll cry if I want to." I am blessed and thankful however that I am still alive & kicking. Bobby did take me to Jamil's today for my birthday dinner since we will be running Monday Evening at our usual spot at Turkey Mountain. I guess I will call it a birthday celebration run like the saying goes if you can't beat them join them so since I can't beat getting older I will just join in for the fun ride into senility.
Bobby & I enjoyed Jamil's it had been a long time since we ate there. For those who didn't know Jamil's has moved to 51st & Harvard. It is on 51st east of Harvard by Marie Callendars and is in the building that used to be Jimmy's egg and Panera which I guess both have moved out. Bobby was kind enough to take me shopping at the mall to my favorite place VS. I guess turning another year older has some perks.
Saturday I enjoyed my walk with Candice which when I am with her we manage to find something to laugh about. We both realize that it seems an eternity walking from point A to point B and is very tiring more so than running so props to Sonya for walking 18 miles Saturday.
Later Saturday Bobby & I went to our nephews daughter birthday party at a park in Broken Arrow. We had a picnic and visited with Bobby's brother & sister who we don't get to see very often. I was impressed that Bobby managed to go seeming how he was tired and sore from his 18 mile journey that morning. I am proud of him for training so hard to do the marathon. He has come along way from couch potato to marathoner in a little over a year and a half. Thanks to my son in-law's parents, who now are tri-athletes, got us interested in this running thing so we were blessed to meet such wonderful friends and challenge our bodies in ways it has never been challenged before.
I did manage to talk to my granddaughter today who is growing up so fast. She told me about how she likes first grade and all the things she is doing in class. She told me about going to see Disney on Ice this weekend. She loves highschool musical and that is what Disney on Ice is about this year. She is already telling me things she wants for Christmas which I can't believe is just around the corner. This past week My daughters husband surprised her with a new Mazda Mach 3 hatchback which my granddaughter told me it was a sweet ride. I wish I could spend more time with my granddaughter but it is hard to do since they live way out in Broken Arrow & I live west of the river.
Since I have made the decision to probably not return to work ( it is the best decision for my health) I have been reading blogs about saving money & using coupons. I am getting hooked on coupons and learning all the websites to get coupons so I guess you can say I am becoming a coupon queen. I am trying to save money everyway I can so I can go to Greece next year with the RunnersWorld group. I want to be able to say I ran in the Greece race. I think that will be so awesome and an experience I may never have a chance to do again. I am hoping someday that maybe Coach Kathy will want to do a run in Brasil so I can see my foreign daughter again.

That about sums up my weekend besides getting to watch the new season of Amazing Race (which I think Kathy & Roman should sign up to do) and Desperate Housewives. I am so glad that all my favorite shows have started back for the season but it will make it harder to leave the couch to run except I don't have an excuse because I have DVR.

Since the rule is whenever it is your birthday you have to bring cake for everyone so I plan on bringing something Tuesday night for us to have after our run so hope to see you there.
I hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous week.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Beware of this killer dog.

He sleeps during the day

and parties all night.
His name on the streets is Kiwi because he is brown & fuzzy like one.
Don't let his cuteness fool you. Lately he has been driving me crazy
waking me up several times in the night causing me to get little sleep.
He is a little spoiled by getting treats everytime he goes out & comes
back in. I don't know why he doesn't wake Bobby up but he always
comes to my side of the bed & barks at me until I get up & let him out.
I still haven't figured out why I am the one that always feeds & waters him,
let him out all the time, give him treats & everything else but he still insists
on being Bobby's dog go figure ?
(Look guys a remote in both hands LOL.)
When Bobby's home it's like I don't exist unless he wants something
(hmmm sounds like he learned that habit from Bobby) and he is
stubborn (learned that as well from Bobby)I can call him all day
til the cows come home & he won't come but let Bobby call him &
he breaks his neck trying to get to him. I guess the guys have formed
an alliance against me in this house & I may be voted out. Since I am
the only girl I don't think I stand a chance but let him do something
wrong then suddenly he becomes my dog. The snoring between
Bobby & the dog I don't know who's the loudest. I don't see how such
a little dog can snore so loud. I will gladly rent him out ( it's a package deal
Bobby comes with the dog LOL) to anyone wanting to lose sleep.
Anyone that sees me catching a few ZZZZZZ's on our runs you will know
why. Time to go wash the dog.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Seems like all the guys on the blog want to read about gross and disgusting with puking involved well do I have a good one for you. Candice read carefully or your puke meter might go up again.

I went to the ear, nose & throat dr. the other day because I am still having trouble with fungus growing in my sinuses. I have been through 2 surgeries to try & clear up this problem but it still keeps coming back. I guess I am allergic to moldy Bobby. The dr. told me I would have to start irrigating my nose out twice a day for the next 3 weeks with this antifungul medicine. I thought ok not too bad right? Well was I wrong, when I picked up this stuff from the Apothecary Shoppe he showed me this huge bottle of stuff that looks like the color of pee.

He said all you have to do is squirt a syringe full in your nose. I went home & waited for Bobby to get home to do this not so hip thing just in case I passed out or something so he could call 911 if needed LOL.

Oh my gosh let me tell you when I started shooting this stuff up my nose I felt like Linda Blair in the Exorcist! stuff started shooting out of my mouth & running down the back of my throat making me want to puke! It wasn't a pretty sight the taste alone would make even a magget gag. I thought I'm supposed to do this how long? I don't see how people snort drugs up their nose & have no problem doing this & liking it.

I guess I will have to find a good technique for this so maybe I won't be projectiling more than what should be staying in my sinuses ( anyone got any good suggestions for this?) hopefully I can keep this up for 3 weeks because I hate the nauseated feeling (I know Candice can relate). I have to keep it refrigerated so hopefully Bobby doesn't come home from a long run delirious & think it's gatorade LOL.

Thursday night I was walking with the 2 preggo's Candice & Lindsay (love ya girls) & they taught me a new word "cheeseburger crack" never heard of it & if you don't know what it is you can try to ask them but I doubt they will tell so you might have to figure it out for yourself. Thanks to them that thought is stuck in my mind so now when I have to do this disgusting nose rinse the combo of both will definately make me puke thanks girls!

Be sure and check out my last blog if you haven't already since I posted this one not long after my last one you may not have caught it. You can see the younger version of Bobby & Susan.

Hope everyone has a safe & blessed weekend.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Since I've been home I started watching old shows like Match Game, Card Sharks, Password & I love Lucy. These shows bring back alot of memories. I think back when I was 16 & went to work for Lea's Pizzaria on Peoria where a lg. supreme would cost under $10. There was this pizza cook there who could toss dough like it was nothing. I was amazed how well he could do this. When I first met him I thought he was stuck on himself but the more I got to know him I realized he was just shy. Who knew that guy would turn out to be my soulmate Bobby.

We married @ 18 which my mom tried to get me to wait until I was older because my parents weren't big fans of Bobby's at first and probably thought if I would wait I might have a change of heart. I had my mind made up and there was no talking me out of it.

Wow! 30 years later, 1 daughter & 1 granddaughter where has the time gone?
I look in the mirror & see this older person looking back at me with a touch of gray,
a few more wrinkles & aches and pains of aging & I think this can't be me even though I don't think I look too bad for my age. I just can't believe time has passed so fast but I wouldn't change anything except maybe spend more time with my daughter not realizing she would grow up so fast. I guess all this nostalgia is brought on by my upcoming birthday which I am not ready for even though I truly enjoy growing older with the pizza cook.
I am learning to enjoy life one day at a time & take nothing for granted so to all my running friends I enjoy being around all of you & hope to be friends for a long time to come.
To my beautiful daughter I truly love you and am proud of who you are (which is so like your father) and hope we can spend more time together even though you are busy with your family and I hope you will also learn to spend more time with your daughter as she too will grow fast.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My first Ramblings Hold On To Your Hat !

Ok, Ok, some of my running friends have been asking me to start a blog. My response to them is "What am I to write about?" Well you asked for it & here it is a Blog about nothing but Susan's World.

To those who belong to my Runnersworld family that don't know me I am married to Bobby which I think everyone knows who he is.

I am on medical leave right now recovering from heart issues (Atrial Fib) which means the electrical part of my heart has gone haywire & causes my upper & lower parts of my heart to beat differently. I had been keeping it under control with heart meds but the end of June my heart went crazy having extra beats & feeling like it was doing sommersaults 24/7 & take it from me it is no joyride when that is happening. I had to quit my training for the RT. 66 half marathon which was disappointing. I was looking forward to it so much.
My heart Dr. has more than doubled my heart meds which is kicking me in the rear (not like coach Kathy does when she wants us to run LOL) making me tired all the time & no energy plus making me short of breath. The meds so far has been keeping my heart quiet (SSSHHHH don't wake it up) so the Dr. is now letting me start back walking/jogging slowly. I am suppose to not let my heart rate go above 140 (I wonder if that is just a magical number that the dr's pull out of their hat because everyone I talk to with some sort of a medical issue that is the number they tell them). I am suppose to keep my pace between 14-15 min. miles which is hard to do when I was used to doing 12-13 min. miles. I know some of you think that was still slow but hey I'm a grandma & that's my right to go slow and for someone who has never ran a day in her life before I think I am doing good.
I plan on doing the 5K at the Tulsa Run & hopefully if all goes well I want to do the quarter marathon at the RT. 66 race. I couldn't just sit by and do nothing. I will be cheering everyone else that is doing the half and full marathon.
Thursday night I did enjoy my walk with candice (whom I adore and has been my cheerleader since I've been sick). We had alot of girl talk to catch up on. We both agree that Kenny Chesney is hot & how great it will be when she & Coach Kathy's daughter Lindsay (who I think is so precious) have their babies. I can't wait to spoil both of their babies since my beautiful daughter decided not to bless me with anymore grandkids :( don't get me started on talking about my gorgeous granddaughter unless you got time to listen :)
I can't wait for this Sunday's Turkey & Taturs race. I am working one of the aid stations. Bobby & I did it last year & had so much fun we wanted to help out again this year plus we like helping out anytime we can for Kathy & Brian since they do so much for us runners. Can't wait to see how muddy everyone will be after all this rain we are supposed to have. Props goes to Brian, Kathy, Trail Zombie Ken & Stefanie Graham for all the hard work they have done to get everything ready for this race.
I know this post was rather long but I felt I needed to catch everyone up on my happenings since this was my first post. I promise to keep my other posts shorter and next time I will talk about my new addictions to old game shows, soaps, I Love Lucy & Seinfeld. To anyone who watches the soap Guiding Light I can keep you up to date by request.
Until next time everyone have a super duper weekend!