Monday, January 12, 2009


As you all know Tuesday Jan. 13th is Bobby & my 30th anniversary.
What will we do you ask. We will celebrate with our usual Tuesday
night run and then we will go to dinner with several of our running friends.
Since Kathy has a rule about bringing cake for special occasions like
birthdays or anniversaries I will gladly bring something to share.
Should I bring cupcakes or cookies?

I am sure there will be no surprises for me from Bobby as he is not
the type to make a big thing out of anniversaries as well as birthdays
what a bum. I think giving 30 years to someone calls for a celebration.

I have truly been blessed with a happy marriage and wouldn't change
anything at all. Bobby is truly my soulmate and I knew it from almost
the very beginning when we met when we were 16 years old.

Since we have been married for 30 years I thought I would share
30 things I love about Bobby. I know this is a little mushy but
the girls will appreciate it. This list is in no certain order of importance.

  1. His love for me of course.

  2. For giving me a beautiful daughter who gave us a beautiful granddaughter.

  3. Hard worker and provider for us.

  4. Making me laugh.

  5. Corny sense of humor.

  6. Not being selfish.

  7. Putting my needs ahead of his(I guess that could fall under not being selfish).

  8. Beautiful eyes.

  9. Corny smile.

  10. Being my rock.

  11. Smart.

  12. Driving me crazy with being so anal.

  13. His love for running.

  14. Driving me crazy being a pack rat.

  15. Letting me watch my sitcoms and reality shows.

  16. His compliments he gives me at the right time when I need them.

  17. His loyalty.

  18. Shyness.

  19. Knowledge of the Bible.

  20. Helping me cook when I ask.

  21. Putting up with my quirks.

  22. Never complaining if the housework isn't done.

  23. Understanding when I am sick.

  24. Driving me crazy with everything has to have a reason.

  25. Hair.

  26. His love for our daughter & granddaughter.

  27. His smell ( the good kind of smell Ken).

  28. Keeping me motivated to run.

  29. He loves my cooking.

  30. Wanting to spend all his time with me.

Now that I have embarrassed him and made him blush I want to wish him a happy anniversary and may God bless us with 30 more happy years.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I thought since it has been awhile since my last post I would get
caught up.

Since my last post I have had a busy schedule with all the holiday
stuff. The friday before Christmas I was invited to school where I
used to work for Christmas dinner they were having. I enjoyed
visiting with all my ex co-workers and catching up on the gossip.
I was asked many times while I was there if I wanted to come back
and I graciously smiled and said no thank you. I do miss all my peeps
there but I don't miss the stress.
Starting the Saturday before Christmas Bobby had a 16 day vacation.
I didn't know how much of those 16 days we could tolerate each other LOl.
I love him dearly but 16 days together with anyone without a break makes
one crazy. Much to my surprise we managed to get along the whole time
even with him being sick most of the time and now that he is back to work
I have to say I miss him.
Tuesday before Christmas our daughters in-laws hosted a Christmas
luncheon at their place of business which we attended and we always
enjoy. They had rib crib catered in which was delicious and Merritts
cake and cookies for dessert. They always have gifts for the children to
open as well.
Christmas Eve we always go to our daughters in-laws house for dinner
and open our gifts to one another. I always enjoy myself because that is
when I get to see my granddaughter open all her gifts from everyone
and to see the excitement on her face is priceless. I did get to spoil her
just a little as I always do. The girl doesn't want for anything as both
her grandma's gets her anything she wants. My daughter and her
husband surprised Bobby & I with a blue ray disc player which is
awesome and was totally unexpected. Her in-laws, who are
marathoners and triathletes got Bobby & I some cool running things for
winter which I am enjoying using now.
Christmas morning Bobby & I spend by ourselves opening gifts from
each other. Bobby does well in spoiling me as I do him. This year I
brought Bobby into the 21st century by getting him a cell phone.
Bobby is one that doesn't do change well and was always against carrying
a cell phone but I think now he has one he kind of likes it. I told him it is
good to carry one when we are running because you never know when
you might need something. I also told him that if he is ever out running
and I am home and have one of my heart episodes I need a way to get a
hold of him. I am surprised that he is doing good about remembering to
take it with him wherever he goes. I also got him a nice Olympus camera
almost like the one Ken uses so beware of him learning to do the
papparazzi thing too like Ken. I got alot of nice things from Bobby
and he even managed to get me my nintendo ds that I wanted which I think
he had a hard time finding.
Christmas afternoon we always go to my parents for dinner and get
to spend time with them, with my brother Russell & Christen,
my sister and my uncle. We always have alot of good food to eat.
I did manage to run the saturday after Christmas as well as the following
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at the race into the new year & Thursday
after the polar bear plunge and by last Saturdays run my body was
screaming at me to take a break. I never ran so much in one week in my life.
New Years eve we were busy all day with dr.'s appt and helping
Kathy & Brian get ready for the race into the new year. We then ended
up at my daughters in-laws for dinner and games until it was time to go
to the race. I thought Kathy & Brian did a good job at putting it all together
and the race itself was fun except one idea for next year is to have a port
a pot at the halfway point. I had to go so bad that I didn't think I was going
to make it back without going under the bridge and asking the homeless if
I could use their restroom. I had to walk the last leg of it back just trying to
keep my mind off of it.I barely made it back and rushed quickly to the
restroom. We helped clean up after everyone was gone and then some of
us decided to go eat at Village Inn which since it was 2 in the morning not
much would be open. Bobby & I dragged ourselves home about 4:30 a.m.
New Years day we went to watch the polar bear plunge. I didn't get to
watch it last year so I was amazed how many took the plunge this year.
Talk about entertaining, Brian sure knows how to bring in the new year
with a splash and seeing Ken in his cute bikini was a highlight also.
I joined our group for a 3 mile run afterwards which was a struggle since
I was up late and didn't get much sleep. I did manage to make it though
with the help of Christin who was motivating me the whole way.
Bobby went back to work this week so life is back to normal after all the
hoopla of the holidays. I can finally ease back into my everyday routine
once again. We did meet up with about 8 runners last night (Monday night)
for a 3 mile run in the freezing cold. Michael ran 4 miles and Deon wanted
to get in about 8 miles which I am sure he made it. I think he is in
competition with David and Ken for always running everyday. He may
have to hook up with David in that runners annonymous class. I want to
thank Chrissy for staying with me the whole way. I enjoyed her company
and inspiration greatly.
Tomorrow (Wed.) I finally get my 2 teeth pulled which I am not looking
forward too but I can't put it off any longer. I don't know if I will be able
to do any running Thursday night but I will be there anyways cheering
on everyone else and staying for Brian's class on using our Garmins.
Next Tuesday (13th) is Bobby & mines 30th anniversary so since it falls
on a Tuesday we will be spending it with our runnersworld family. We
wouldn't have it any other way atleast that is what Bobby tells me LOL.
I hope someone will convince Bobby to do something really really nice for
me for our anniversary. I do hope to spend the evening after running with
some of you for dinner. nothing like a romantic dinner with 10 or more
people LOL. I truly don't mind the company. Kathy does that mean I have
to bring cake?
I hope this year will be good to me as far as my health is concerned. I want
to lose more weight and eat better. I am planning on running the OKC half
marathon with a little convincing to my heart dr. to let me go for it. I hope
my running will improve if I don't have any setbacks again. I will try to
keep a positive outlook on that subject.
Well now that I have rambled on enough and caught you up on my daily life
I will now post a few pics taken during the holidays.
Katie with her front tooth missing.
Move over Ed we have a new Rock Star.

My 2 gorgeous girls.

The Quaid brothers. put these 2 together makes for
alot of mischieviousness. Josh (blue shirt) is my son in-law
and Jeremy. They love their guns and their cars.
Boy do I look like a grandma or what?
Me playing with my new nintendo ds.
I will try not to get too addicted to it.
I hope everyone has a blessed week and I will see you on the running path.