Sunday, September 28, 2008

IT'S MY PARTY.........

Tomorrow (Monday the 29th) I will be another year older. I am not too thrilled about this and Bobby is not helping the matter at all. He has been teasing me all day about turning older and getting closer to that big 50. I have been thinking about that song "It's my party" but instead singing "It's my birthday & I'll cry if I want to." I am blessed and thankful however that I am still alive & kicking. Bobby did take me to Jamil's today for my birthday dinner since we will be running Monday Evening at our usual spot at Turkey Mountain. I guess I will call it a birthday celebration run like the saying goes if you can't beat them join them so since I can't beat getting older I will just join in for the fun ride into senility.
Bobby & I enjoyed Jamil's it had been a long time since we ate there. For those who didn't know Jamil's has moved to 51st & Harvard. It is on 51st east of Harvard by Marie Callendars and is in the building that used to be Jimmy's egg and Panera which I guess both have moved out. Bobby was kind enough to take me shopping at the mall to my favorite place VS. I guess turning another year older has some perks.
Saturday I enjoyed my walk with Candice which when I am with her we manage to find something to laugh about. We both realize that it seems an eternity walking from point A to point B and is very tiring more so than running so props to Sonya for walking 18 miles Saturday.
Later Saturday Bobby & I went to our nephews daughter birthday party at a park in Broken Arrow. We had a picnic and visited with Bobby's brother & sister who we don't get to see very often. I was impressed that Bobby managed to go seeming how he was tired and sore from his 18 mile journey that morning. I am proud of him for training so hard to do the marathon. He has come along way from couch potato to marathoner in a little over a year and a half. Thanks to my son in-law's parents, who now are tri-athletes, got us interested in this running thing so we were blessed to meet such wonderful friends and challenge our bodies in ways it has never been challenged before.
I did manage to talk to my granddaughter today who is growing up so fast. She told me about how she likes first grade and all the things she is doing in class. She told me about going to see Disney on Ice this weekend. She loves highschool musical and that is what Disney on Ice is about this year. She is already telling me things she wants for Christmas which I can't believe is just around the corner. This past week My daughters husband surprised her with a new Mazda Mach 3 hatchback which my granddaughter told me it was a sweet ride. I wish I could spend more time with my granddaughter but it is hard to do since they live way out in Broken Arrow & I live west of the river.
Since I have made the decision to probably not return to work ( it is the best decision for my health) I have been reading blogs about saving money & using coupons. I am getting hooked on coupons and learning all the websites to get coupons so I guess you can say I am becoming a coupon queen. I am trying to save money everyway I can so I can go to Greece next year with the RunnersWorld group. I want to be able to say I ran in the Greece race. I think that will be so awesome and an experience I may never have a chance to do again. I am hoping someday that maybe Coach Kathy will want to do a run in Brasil so I can see my foreign daughter again.

That about sums up my weekend besides getting to watch the new season of Amazing Race (which I think Kathy & Roman should sign up to do) and Desperate Housewives. I am so glad that all my favorite shows have started back for the season but it will make it harder to leave the couch to run except I don't have an excuse because I have DVR.

Since the rule is whenever it is your birthday you have to bring cake for everyone so I plan on bringing something Tuesday night for us to have after our run so hope to see you there.
I hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous week.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Beware of this killer dog.

He sleeps during the day

and parties all night.
His name on the streets is Kiwi because he is brown & fuzzy like one.
Don't let his cuteness fool you. Lately he has been driving me crazy
waking me up several times in the night causing me to get little sleep.
He is a little spoiled by getting treats everytime he goes out & comes
back in. I don't know why he doesn't wake Bobby up but he always
comes to my side of the bed & barks at me until I get up & let him out.
I still haven't figured out why I am the one that always feeds & waters him,
let him out all the time, give him treats & everything else but he still insists
on being Bobby's dog go figure ?
(Look guys a remote in both hands LOL.)
When Bobby's home it's like I don't exist unless he wants something
(hmmm sounds like he learned that habit from Bobby) and he is
stubborn (learned that as well from Bobby)I can call him all day
til the cows come home & he won't come but let Bobby call him &
he breaks his neck trying to get to him. I guess the guys have formed
an alliance against me in this house & I may be voted out. Since I am
the only girl I don't think I stand a chance but let him do something
wrong then suddenly he becomes my dog. The snoring between
Bobby & the dog I don't know who's the loudest. I don't see how such
a little dog can snore so loud. I will gladly rent him out ( it's a package deal
Bobby comes with the dog LOL) to anyone wanting to lose sleep.
Anyone that sees me catching a few ZZZZZZ's on our runs you will know
why. Time to go wash the dog.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Seems like all the guys on the blog want to read about gross and disgusting with puking involved well do I have a good one for you. Candice read carefully or your puke meter might go up again.

I went to the ear, nose & throat dr. the other day because I am still having trouble with fungus growing in my sinuses. I have been through 2 surgeries to try & clear up this problem but it still keeps coming back. I guess I am allergic to moldy Bobby. The dr. told me I would have to start irrigating my nose out twice a day for the next 3 weeks with this antifungul medicine. I thought ok not too bad right? Well was I wrong, when I picked up this stuff from the Apothecary Shoppe he showed me this huge bottle of stuff that looks like the color of pee.

He said all you have to do is squirt a syringe full in your nose. I went home & waited for Bobby to get home to do this not so hip thing just in case I passed out or something so he could call 911 if needed LOL.

Oh my gosh let me tell you when I started shooting this stuff up my nose I felt like Linda Blair in the Exorcist! stuff started shooting out of my mouth & running down the back of my throat making me want to puke! It wasn't a pretty sight the taste alone would make even a magget gag. I thought I'm supposed to do this how long? I don't see how people snort drugs up their nose & have no problem doing this & liking it.

I guess I will have to find a good technique for this so maybe I won't be projectiling more than what should be staying in my sinuses ( anyone got any good suggestions for this?) hopefully I can keep this up for 3 weeks because I hate the nauseated feeling (I know Candice can relate). I have to keep it refrigerated so hopefully Bobby doesn't come home from a long run delirious & think it's gatorade LOL.

Thursday night I was walking with the 2 preggo's Candice & Lindsay (love ya girls) & they taught me a new word "cheeseburger crack" never heard of it & if you don't know what it is you can try to ask them but I doubt they will tell so you might have to figure it out for yourself. Thanks to them that thought is stuck in my mind so now when I have to do this disgusting nose rinse the combo of both will definately make me puke thanks girls!

Be sure and check out my last blog if you haven't already since I posted this one not long after my last one you may not have caught it. You can see the younger version of Bobby & Susan.

Hope everyone has a safe & blessed weekend.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Since I've been home I started watching old shows like Match Game, Card Sharks, Password & I love Lucy. These shows bring back alot of memories. I think back when I was 16 & went to work for Lea's Pizzaria on Peoria where a lg. supreme would cost under $10. There was this pizza cook there who could toss dough like it was nothing. I was amazed how well he could do this. When I first met him I thought he was stuck on himself but the more I got to know him I realized he was just shy. Who knew that guy would turn out to be my soulmate Bobby.

We married @ 18 which my mom tried to get me to wait until I was older because my parents weren't big fans of Bobby's at first and probably thought if I would wait I might have a change of heart. I had my mind made up and there was no talking me out of it.

Wow! 30 years later, 1 daughter & 1 granddaughter where has the time gone?
I look in the mirror & see this older person looking back at me with a touch of gray,
a few more wrinkles & aches and pains of aging & I think this can't be me even though I don't think I look too bad for my age. I just can't believe time has passed so fast but I wouldn't change anything except maybe spend more time with my daughter not realizing she would grow up so fast. I guess all this nostalgia is brought on by my upcoming birthday which I am not ready for even though I truly enjoy growing older with the pizza cook.
I am learning to enjoy life one day at a time & take nothing for granted so to all my running friends I enjoy being around all of you & hope to be friends for a long time to come.
To my beautiful daughter I truly love you and am proud of who you are (which is so like your father) and hope we can spend more time together even though you are busy with your family and I hope you will also learn to spend more time with your daughter as she too will grow fast.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My first Ramblings Hold On To Your Hat !

Ok, Ok, some of my running friends have been asking me to start a blog. My response to them is "What am I to write about?" Well you asked for it & here it is a Blog about nothing but Susan's World.

To those who belong to my Runnersworld family that don't know me I am married to Bobby which I think everyone knows who he is.

I am on medical leave right now recovering from heart issues (Atrial Fib) which means the electrical part of my heart has gone haywire & causes my upper & lower parts of my heart to beat differently. I had been keeping it under control with heart meds but the end of June my heart went crazy having extra beats & feeling like it was doing sommersaults 24/7 & take it from me it is no joyride when that is happening. I had to quit my training for the RT. 66 half marathon which was disappointing. I was looking forward to it so much.
My heart Dr. has more than doubled my heart meds which is kicking me in the rear (not like coach Kathy does when she wants us to run LOL) making me tired all the time & no energy plus making me short of breath. The meds so far has been keeping my heart quiet (SSSHHHH don't wake it up) so the Dr. is now letting me start back walking/jogging slowly. I am suppose to not let my heart rate go above 140 (I wonder if that is just a magical number that the dr's pull out of their hat because everyone I talk to with some sort of a medical issue that is the number they tell them). I am suppose to keep my pace between 14-15 min. miles which is hard to do when I was used to doing 12-13 min. miles. I know some of you think that was still slow but hey I'm a grandma & that's my right to go slow and for someone who has never ran a day in her life before I think I am doing good.
I plan on doing the 5K at the Tulsa Run & hopefully if all goes well I want to do the quarter marathon at the RT. 66 race. I couldn't just sit by and do nothing. I will be cheering everyone else that is doing the half and full marathon.
Thursday night I did enjoy my walk with candice (whom I adore and has been my cheerleader since I've been sick). We had alot of girl talk to catch up on. We both agree that Kenny Chesney is hot & how great it will be when she & Coach Kathy's daughter Lindsay (who I think is so precious) have their babies. I can't wait to spoil both of their babies since my beautiful daughter decided not to bless me with anymore grandkids :( don't get me started on talking about my gorgeous granddaughter unless you got time to listen :)
I can't wait for this Sunday's Turkey & Taturs race. I am working one of the aid stations. Bobby & I did it last year & had so much fun we wanted to help out again this year plus we like helping out anytime we can for Kathy & Brian since they do so much for us runners. Can't wait to see how muddy everyone will be after all this rain we are supposed to have. Props goes to Brian, Kathy, Trail Zombie Ken & Stefanie Graham for all the hard work they have done to get everything ready for this race.
I know this post was rather long but I felt I needed to catch everyone up on my happenings since this was my first post. I promise to keep my other posts shorter and next time I will talk about my new addictions to old game shows, soaps, I Love Lucy & Seinfeld. To anyone who watches the soap Guiding Light I can keep you up to date by request.
Until next time everyone have a super duper weekend!