Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well back by popular demand I am finally posting
on my blog again. Are you happy now Trail Zombie?
My life has been in turmoil since after April when I did
probably my last half marathon which is hard to say :(
After my half marathon I know alot of you know that
I passed out probably from dehydration plus overworked
my heart from the heat. I kept having issues from that
for quite sometime and my heart dr. wasn't being too helpful
and I kept pushing him for answers until finally he sent
me to a heart dr. that specializes in the electric part of your heart.
He really listened to me and knew exactly what I was talking about
and told me that I was on the wrong kind of meds for what I had.
I had been telling my other heart dr. that I thought my meds weren't
working for me and he kept looking at me like I was crazy so HAH! on him.
My new dr. changed my meds and they aren't as strong and seem to be
working for me.
Also while this is going on I have been having other health issues going on.
I have had to go to so many dr.'s in the past several months it is crazy.
I had started having anxiety and panic issues which started after I passed
out in OKC. I was starting to panic everytime I went out in fear of passing
out again. I also have been dealing with the health of my parents. My dad
is now bedfast and me and my siblings have been taking turns helping my
mom take care of him and my mom has been dealing with health issues
herself she has been in the hospital off and on with congestive heart
failure. My dad is now in a nursing home for the time being until my mom
regains her health and strength to have him home again. So in turn
dealing with that as well was putting more stress and anxiety on me too.
My family dr. as well as my heart dr. thought it was in the best interest
of my health to put me on meds to control my anxiety and panic issues.
they have definately helped.

I also am dealing with the old lady issues. you know hot flashes,
moodiness, and all the other stuff that goes along with menopause.
The hot flashes were causing problems I found out with my heart
and was partly to blame for my fainting spells. So now I am on
hormone meds for that which has helped as well. I also had to have
yet another sinus surgery for the third time. I don't know why
my sinus keeps plugging up and my dr doesn't know why either.
I still have sinus problems even after surgery but least I'm not
plugged up. I am dizzy alot but I don't know if it is from my sinuses
or the crazy meds I am on or combo of both but I don't drive anymore
because of this. I hope soon I will be able to drive again. I don't know
what I would do if I didn't have my good friend Sandra to take me
to all of my dr. appt's. I will never be able to repay her what I owe
her but she is very appreciated by me. I can't even begin to express
how much her friendship means to me and how much it has meant
to me that she was my sounding board and let me vent to her
whenever I needed too. I also want to thank my good friends
Ken & Dana who's kind and encouraging words meant so much
to me and are my inspiration to never give up. I am truly
blessed to have so many friends that always asked about me
which meant alot to me.

The title of my post is I feel like a beached whale which is truly
what I feel like these days. My new meds that I am on which the dr's
all told me that they will make me gain weight. I have definately
done that and fast. I am struggling now to lose the weight which
makes it hard when the meds make you gain so I feel like a blimp
now and since I am on limited exercise it makes it even harder.
I think I need to just wire my mouth shut. I am sure Bobby would
like that ha ha.
I am feeling very unattractive right now even though I wasn't
attractive to begin with ha ha. I am just thankful that Bobby loves
me for who I am not how I look. Maybe eventually I will lose some
weight and feel good about myself again I hope.

I am finally able to be out with all my running friends again which
I am loving. I really enjoy seeing everyone again and socializing.
I am back slowly walking with just a little running mixed in. I am
sticking to doing just about 3 miles for now until my dr. says I can
do more which he doubts that will happen but least it is something.
I am slowly biking again which I enjoy doing. So I hope now with me
being a little active again it will help me lose back the weight I gained.

I am so looking forward to my trip to Greece in November and I think
I am going to sign up for the 5K race. I might as well do it so I can say
I ran a race in another country. A few months ago I was saying I didn't
know if I could make the trip or not because of how I was feeling but
thanks to the meds it has helped put my life back in order and I know
Bobby has seen the change in me and has made comments about it.

This last Saturday I even enjoyed volunteering at the mud run.
I had fun seeing everyone having fun getting muddy which
I am such a girly girl I don't like getting dirty but I did manage
to get my hands dirty from having to touch all the muddy
race numbers having to punch their tag when they got beers.
Yeah me!

here is a video I took with my new Flip Ultra HD video camera.
I just love this little video camera which is the size of a camera
and it takes good quality video. It is so easy to use even my
mother in-law could work it ha.
this video is of the mud run.
It is about 7 minutes long so I hope you have time to watch it.

Hope everyone has a blessed week.