Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Some of my Runnerworld peeps were heading on an adventure
to Albuquerque and Colorado springs to do back to back
marathons and half marathons which I think they are crazy
but I do admire them for it. Bobby & I really wanted to go
with them but declined because it was alot of driving and
alot of stuff crammed into such a short labor day holiday

Ken & Dana left earlier in the week to go to Colorado to visit
some friends before they headed to Albuquerque to meet
up with those flying into the airport there. Lisa & Jason
left early also on Friday to go to Taos first to do some
whitewater rafting before they came to Albuquerque.
Friday morning my brother Russell called me and told
me that him and Christin had decided to drive to Albuquerque
to cheer everyone on and my brother had decided to do the
half marathon. Well I jumped on that bandwagon and said
wouldn't it be fun to just show up and surprise everyone
because they aren't expecting us even though they kept
trying to talk us into it. I called Bobby and asked him
if he wanted to go for an adventure and cram a trip into
a 3 day weekend and he said oh why not. So my brother
and I headed for Runnersworld so he could get him some
new shoes and we decided to let Kathy & Brian in on our
secret and swore them to secrecy.

We loaded up my brothers jeep and away we went at
8 p.m. friday night and Christin drove all the way until
we hit the New Mexico border and my brother took over
driving.We arrived with no sleep even though Bobby & I
snoozed just a little in the back seat but we arrived safely
there around 6:30 Saturday morning. WE had time to kill
since no one else would be there until about 1:30 that afternoon.
WE were so tired and tried to check into our hotel where
everyone was staying but our rooms was not ready so so
much for getting a little shut eye until everyone arrived.
We decided to go to Sandia Peak with elevation of
over 10,000 feet but it is so gorgeous up there and
breathtaking views you have to see it if you ever go there.
WE trekked the trails there for several hours and Ken &
Brian and everyone else would really love running on some
of these trails.

WE finally got to check into our hotel room about noon
just time enough to wash our faces and revive before
time to go to airport to surprise Sandra, Ken & Dana.
WE found our way to the airport and got there in time
to hide out and surprise them all. The looks on their
faces were priceless.

We went to the expo where Christin and myself decided
to sign up for the 5K since I haven't been running much
since April and my heart dr. wants me to take it easy for
awhile I just did the 5K to get ready for my 5K in Greece.
WE all had fun hanging out at dinner that night before our
race the next day.

Lisa & Jason finally made it in later that evening and I
texted Lisa and told her I would see her at the finish line.
She was shocked that we showed up to do this race since
we told her we couldn't go.

The morning of the race the marathoners had to leave earlier
to catch their bus to the start line so I didn't get to see them off.
Bobby, Russell, Christin, Sandra & myself got to where we were
to meet the busses that drops us off at our start point. Bobby,
Russ & Sandra left first and Christin & I had an hour to kill
before our bus left so we sat at the starbucks and enjoyed
some yummy drinks while we waited. Finally we got to load
up on the bus and we were dropped off and I kept thinking that
the bus ride seemed longer than the 3 miles we were to run.
I prayed he wasn't taking us to the half marathon start line.
WE finally got started on our race and it was a nice straight flat course
which I loved, no hills yeah! We finished in 48 minutes which is good
for me since like I said I haven't been running much at all since April.
We got to then watch everyone else come in and cheer them on.
Russell PR'd in his half marathon with 2 hours 14 minute finish.
Way to go Russ! Brian came in next with a strong finish.
Bobby & Sandra came in next doing an awesome job.
Bobby told Sandra he was there to run with her and to make sure
she kept on going. They had an awesome finish.
Rachel Mitchell (London as everyone calls her)came in doing her
first marathon in 4 hours which is so awesome! Patty Powell came
in then Coach Kathy made it in with a strong finish and doing good
for not having ran much since her injury Way to go! Then there
was Jason who came in shirtless so if you see him ask him what
happened to his shirt LOL.
Lisa was next followed by Ken then Kathy Fleig they too did an
awesome job. Kathy Fleig was injured so she had to power walk
most of it and was hurting by the time she finished but kudos
to her for making it all the way.
We all were pretty tired after that so we went back to our
rooms to freshen up and rest a bit before heading to applebees
to eat our hearts out since we were all starving after our run.
Then it was time to bid farewell to everyone that was leaving us
behind to head to Colorado Springs to do their next race the
next day. It was hard to see them go without us tagging along
but we couldn't go on that trip because Bobby, Russ & Christin
had to go back to work on Tuesday. I think everyone thought
we would show up and surprise them there as well but sorry
guys we couldn't.
So after they all left we headed into old town to do some shopping.
I just love old town Albuquerque it is so neat and filled with
lots of shopping and this old church which is awesome
to see the inside of. We were so tired by the time
we were done with that we headed to our room to
get some sleep since we had to get up and try to be on the
road toward home by 4 in the morning. WE made it up in time to
head out early and my brother drove us all the way home 11 hours
maybe 12 hours before we pulled into our driveway. Thanks Russ
& Christin for letting us hitch a ride and join in on your anniversary getaway.
Happy Anniversary to you both for 5 years of wedded bliss.

I can now say I traveled to another state like some of my
other crazy running buds do to run a race now I am ready
for my adventure to Greece then who knows hopefully I
will be going to Scotland in May with them also.
I am so glad I got to go on this trip even though I am
tired but it was all worth it :)

Where we all stayed at in Albuquerque.

Looking out on the peak you can see the city
of Albuquerque which is so tiny looking
from that far up.

Yes I think we trekked the whole 10K.

Bobby & I standing on one of the peaks.
Good thing he was being nice I might
have knocked him off J/K LOL.
Russell & Christin the happy anniversary couple.
The surprised look on Ken & Dana's face as
we snucked up on them at the airport.
Sandra looking really shocked to see us.
Our Runnersworld family after we all finished
the race. We are such a goofy fun loving bunch.
I loved this huge pot. Boy do I need to go on
that diet.
We found out what Ken does in his spare time.
He runs a Kraft store in old town Albuquerque.
Hmm wonder what kind of Krafts he sells.
For those of you on facebook please be sure and
check out my video I posted of our Albuquerque
Marathon. I couldn't get it to load on here for some

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Bobby said...

For a good fun time, all you have to do is hook up with RunnersWorld Tulsa and go on an adventure. Can't wait to do it again.