Thursday, July 2, 2009


Last weekend we went to watch all those running in
the Barkley bookfair at Turkey Mountain. Kudos to Ken
and Brian for a great job on putting it together.
I enjoyed myself but only stayed for the day run.
Bobby told me he wasn't going to stay late just long
enough to watch the night runners take off. Thanks to
Sandra for taking me home. I thought I would stay up and wait
for Bobby since he wasn't going to be late and plus I had
the housekeys so he wouldn't be able to get in the house
when he got home. I waited and waited and still no Bobby.
11:00 came around so I thought I would doze on the couch because
he surely will be home soon. Who am I kidding I should know better when
Bobby hangs around all his running buds he gets sucked up into all
the hoopla and ends up staying longer than planned, which I don't
mind. I woke up at midnight and still no Bobby and then dozed again
and woke up again at 1 and guess what no Bobby still. I dozed again
and woke up at 2 and still no Bobby! I was getting a little perturbed
by now and wondering if A) should I send out a search party for him
B) Call someone because I couldn't call him because he forgot his phone
at home or C) just lock the darn door and go to bed and forget about him
and let him figure out how he was going to get into the house.
Finally at 2:30 he comes dragging in. I did jump onto him for being so late
and not call me atleast to let me know what he was doing. He preceeded
to tell me he couldn't call because he didn't have his phone. I said that
was hogwash because someone I know has a phone he could have used.
Like I said I don't mind him hanging around having fun with his buds
but just be considerate enough to let me know what is going on.
(ok Ken & Ed did my B**ch meter just go up from 15% to 45% LOL?)

Bobby has now started on Tuesdays run follow once again his buds
to Turkey Mountain to do trail running instead of going out on
the regular path run. Last Tuesday night he came home all dirty
from running the trails that they ran in the Barkley bookfair.
I told him he better not have brought any of Ken's buddies
home with him since Ken's tick meter is going up already
from Turkey mountain. I had him to hurry and clean up after he got home.
Well this morning when I was in the shower I discovered
one of those friends of Ken's lodged in a place which shall
remain undisclosed. I flipped out and did get it finally
out and flushed it down the drain. I haven't had
ticks on me in a long time so I was not a happy camper.
I called Bobby and told him thanks alot and said
it was all his fault for bringing it home with him from the mountain.
So that my friends is why I am banning my hubby from Turkey mountain.
I know he won't listen to me and that's ok he can just sleep
over at Ken's house the next time he runs on Turkey LOL.


TATUR Dave said...

You should have locked the door, left the house, and let Bobby worry about where you were.

T Z said...

Well, inquiring minds want to know. I would tell the world where "I" had tick bites. I would even supply pictures!

Taturcakes said...

Just where was Bobby for you to get a tick for that tick to crawl over in to that place??????

Chrissy (Cooper) Whitten said...

I'd draw the line on the little buddies! :) I miss you...we definitely need to hang out when I get back from DC.